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Winter Skincare Tips

Winter Skincare TipsThis winter, keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

Protect your neck skin with a scarf and hands with gloves when you’re facing the cold, dry air. Limit hot showers to 5 minutes so as not dehydrate your skin and use a mild, non-irritating, gentle soap. Always pat yourself dry and apply a thick, creamy moisturizer with plenty of hyaluronic acid. Humidifiers also help keep your skin hydrated at home, especially when the heat dries out the air.

Take these small precautions and your skin will be beautiful and radiant all winter.For more tips and tricks visit: www.facebook.com/dryagoda

Carrots Vie for Spot in Super Bowl

p2Healthy foods of all types are feeling Super Bowl madness. Carrot, Avocado, and even Greek Yogurt marketers are trying to push their message for the big game. Experts say the junk food isn’t going anywhere, but at least in this day and age, the healthy food has a chance.

Enjoy your carrots dipped in Greek yogurt dip and your hearty guacamole loaded with healthy fats- good for your skin and your hair!

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