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    Post Nasal Drip Treatments in New York, NYC and Manhattan

    Post nasal drip is the accumulation of mucus at the back of the nose and throat. We feel it as the trickle of mucus into the throat that causes sore throat and coughing. Usually, post nasal drip is one of those symptoms bundled under the general heading of “rhinitis,” inflammation of the nose’s inner lining. When the nose is inflamed, it isn’t as efficient as clearing mucus.

    Viruses, bacterial infection, and allergies can all cause rhinitis. They can also increase nasal secretions, making post-nasal drip even worse. Other causes of increased nasal secretions include spicy foods, certain medications, pregnancy or hormonal changes, large turbinates, a deviated septum, or abnormal blood flow to the nose.

    If your post nasal drip doesn’t resolve and it’s causing you daily discomfort, there are treatments available. As an otolaryngologist (specialist in the care of the ear, nose, and throat) Dr. Yagoda can determine the root cause of your chronic rhinitis and develop an effective treatment strategy. Whether it’s limiting your exposure to allergens, switching problematic medications, or even surgically correcting a nasal structure that’s contributing to the post-nasal drip, Dr. Yagoda offers a full spectrum of care from her New York/NYC/Manhattan office to help you find post nasal drip treatments that bring lasting relief.

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