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    Mole Removal & Excision

    Should Moles Be Removed?

    Raised or flat, located on your face, back, chest or shoulders, moles can be a concern. Whether you were born with them or they appeared over time, moles (which physicians call “nevi”) aren’t always welcome guests on your skin. Reasons for removing them include the aesthetic (not everyone is fortunate enough to have a mole that resembles Cindy Crawford’s “beauty mark”) and the medical. Moles that are “atypical” are often removed out of an abundance of caution because moles of this type, asymmetrical with irregular boundaries, are sometimes precancerous.

    Mole Removal Procedures:

    While flat brown spots (birthmarks, sun spots, freckles, etc.) can be treated by intense pulsed light, IPL, raised moles are typically too deep for laser mole removal and therefore, must be surgically excised (cut out). If you’re removing a facial mole for cosmetic reasons, it pays to remember that while surgical mole removal will certainly get rid of the mole, the trade-off is a scar in its place. It is therefore important—especially if the mole is prominently placed on your face—to have the procedure performed by a facial plastic surgeon with excellent surgical skills.  Dr. Yagoda’s facial plastic surgery scar removal technique can minimize the resultant scar.  See our mole removal scar photos can be viewed in our gallery.

    The mole removal cost varies with size and location, but is typically covered by insurance.

    During your consultation, Dr. Yagoda will discuss your treatment options as well as strategies for camouflaging any resulting scar.

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