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    Decreased Sense of Taste & Smell Treatment

    Imagine for the moment that you have no sense of taste. At first, you might consider it a minor annoyance. You wouldn’t be able to taste the intricate flavors of a well-prepared Indian meal or the quintessential flavor of a ripe summer peach.  But losing your sense of taste isn’t just a quality of life problem. Having an impaired sense of taste can be dangerous. How would you know if the milk you were enjoying  in cereal was actually sour?

    When you whined to your mother that you hated broccoli, she told you to, “Hold your nose and swallow.” Magically, something unpalatable became passable.  Did you ever wonder how that happened?  Because taste and smell are inextricably linked. You can’t taste, enjoy or even identify your food with certainty, if you can’t smell your food.  For those who have a smell/taste disorder, including nearly two million Americans, the world becomes a less joyful and far more dangerous place

    If you’re experiencing an altered or diminished sense of taste or a complete loss of sense of taste or smell, your first step should be to call an otolaryngologist like Dr. Yagoda of Manhattan,  NYC, New York, who specializes in the care of the ear, nose, and throat. With her integrated skills from both of these specialties, Dr. Yagoda will provide you with the proper diagnosis and the most outstanding care from her Manhattan, NYC, New York office.

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