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    The mid-face is also an integral component of an attractive profile. Genetically, some people are born with flat midfaces. And, with the aging process, the youthful fatty tissue that lives over the cheekbones starts to descend as its attachments weaken. As this happens, the skin on top of the cheek can begin to sag, causing a flattened cheek. This may cause the lower eyelids to appear baggier and more sunken. In addition, deep lines and folds might also appear, running from the nose to the corners of the mouth and chin. Strong cheekbones are key to aesthetically pleasing facial architecture, and Dr. Yagoda can help you enhance yours with both surgical and non-surgical procedures. Dr. Yagoda’s facial plastic surgery practice offers many innovative procedures, both surgical and nonsurgical, that can enhance, restore, and beautify this region of the face.The cheeks and middle portion of the face are of great anatomical and aesthetic importance. You can’t smile, frown, eat, drink, or even speak well without good functional control of this region. The mid-face is of key importance in facial rejuvenation.

    Dr. Yagoda’s facial plastic surgery practice offers the following surgical and non-surgical treatments:

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