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    Male Aesthetics

    For years, women have availed themselves of plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments to look and feel their best. Men are catching on—in a big way! Today, 30 to 45% of Dr. Yagoda’s practice consists of men who, like their female counterparts, want to age gracefully and maintain a youthful, dynamic appearance in an increasingly competitive job market. Dr. Yagoda understands male aesthetics!

    What procedures and services do men want most? According to Dr. Yagoda, the most common surgical inquiries concern rhinoplasty (“nose job” surgery) and eliminating fullness under the chin, weak chin, bags under the eyes/drooping eyelids, and excess neck fat. Men are also taking better care of their skin, seeking professional-grade sun protection and solutions for excess sweating, enlarged pores, wrinkles, brown spots, moles, and facial blood vessels. Laser hair removal is popular for problem areas like the neck, back, and the dreaded “unibrow.”

    These Cosmetic Services are mens’ favorites:

    Before and After Picture - Male Aesthetics
    Skin Care:

    Dr. Yagoda sees men in her ENT (ear, nose, and throat) practice as well. Men suffer disproportionately from sleep apnea and snoring, conditions that Dr. Yagoda can treat with the most advanced and comprehensive solutions. Men also see Dr. Yagoda for answers to problems that plague both genders such as sinus disease, asthma, and balance disorders.

    Because one’s voice can be an important career asset, Dr. Yagoda frequently sees men in search of professional vocal care. Whether they’re actors, politicians, singers, or executives who frequently speak in public, Dr. Yagoda’s patients rely on her for her unique team approach to vocal health.

    Learn more about Dr. Yagoda’s procedures and services that are of special interest to men:

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    Flying In

    From Quebec to Qatar, Dr. Yagoda’s patients come to New York City from all over the world.  Find out how we can help you get here from abroad.

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