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    Tinting & Perming of Eyelashes & Eyebrows in Manhattan, New York

    As makeup artists will tell you, properly groomed eyebrows “frame the face” and a thick fringe of dark eyelashes “make your eyes pop.” Women who have thick eyebrows can pluck their way to perfect arches and those with light-colored lashes can always sweep on a coat of mascara. But what if nature, medical treatments, or the aging process has robbed you of full brows and lush lashes? How do you get more hairs where you need them or at least the appearance of more?

    In some cases, Latisse, a topical medication, can help you grow longer, thicker lashes and fill in sparse brows. Results aren’t immediate (it generally takes up to 16 weeks to see full results) and Latisse must be used continuously to maintain them, but for some patients, Latisse is truly miraculous stuff. In Manhattan, NYC, and New York, Dr. Yagoda can help you decide if Latisse or a topical lash conditioner is right for you.

    For some patients, tinting lashes and eyebrow hair can be sufficient to yield a dramatic difference. Sometimes, you have more eyebrow hair and better lashes than you realized—they’re just too light to see. Perming your lashes to enhance their curl can also help your existing lashes seem more prominent. Darker lashes that swoop up rather than stick straight out appear longer and help open the eye area. The result can be truly rejuvenating and face brightening.

    If you think tinting and perming might improve your look, make sure your treatments are performed by a licensed aesthetician such as the one affiliated with our office. Hair dyes and perming solutions are not approved for use on your eyelashes. Even when appropriate products are used, a knowledgeable professional must apply them for optimal safety and results.

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