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    Audrey Hepburn’s long, lithe graceful neck is perhaps even more famous than her movies.   Indeed, a youthful neck is one of the most sought-after traits both on and off the silver screen.  If the neck of your dreams wasn’t dealt in your genetic cards, or if the winning hand has slowly slipped away, here’s what you need to know.

    As part of her integrative approach to beauty, and her belief that external beauty is a reflection of health and wellness, Dr. Yagoda combines multiple modalites to achieve natural and defining results.  From natural and alternative treatments, to lifestyle changes, lasers, peels, injectables and surgery, Dr. Yagoda, based in New York City (NYC) and Manhattan, will use the entire spectrum to provide the ideal results.

    Unlike dermatologists who only offer non-surgical options, and surgeons who only provide surgery, Dr. Yagoda will recommend surgery after all other conservative options are considered, and only when appropriate.  Injectable fillers, neurotoxins (Botox and Dysport), IPL and peels can improve many cosmetic concerns in the neck like crepey skin texture, jowls, lines and discolorations.  These procedures for a non-surgical necklift can offer dramatic, albeit temporary improvements in the appearance of your neck; but only a surgical neck lift can loose skin and excess fat.

    For slack, hanging skin, and fullness under the chin, a surgical “neck lift” may be recommended.  The name “neck lift” may be somewhat misleading as it’s not one procedure, but a combination of several elements that Dr. Yagoda tailors to meet your aesthetic goals. These procedures might include:

    • Cervicoplasty, surgical removal of excess skin
    • Platysmaplasty, surgical tightening of the neck muscles
    • Liposuction surgical sculpting and/or removal of excess fat
    • Peels in conjunction with surgery to restore the skin’s texture and tone

    A neck lift can be combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures such as a facelift or brow lift or chin implant.

    The Surgery

    A neck lift can be performed in Dr. Yagoda’s NYC/Manhattan office-based surgical suite or hospital. The surgery takes 1-3½ hours and is performed under either IV sedation or general anesthesia. Small incisions may be made under the chin with or without additional incisions behind the ears.  During your consultation in her NYC office,  Dr. Yagoda will determine their ideal placement.


    The recovery from a neck lift takes from 7-10 days. Your stitches will be removed on the 7th and 10th day and you’ll be able to return to work on day 7. Although you’ll be able to walk and do most of your daily activities right after surgery, you’ll be able to resume strenuous exercise after the first two weeks.

    You’ll probably have some swelling and bruising and possibly a pulling or tight sensation. Temporary numbness may also occur. These are all normal and should resolve after a few days.

    Risks and Complications

    As with all surgery, a neck lift carries certain risks including infection, bleeding, and complications resulting from anesthesia. Dr. Yagoda will discuss in detail all of the risks and benefits of this procedure to help you determine if it might be right for you.

    Flying In

    From Quebec to Qatar, Dr. Yagoda’s patients come to New York City  (NYC) and Manhattan from all over the world.  Find out how we can help you get here from abroad.

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