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    Ear Protection & Earplugs for Musicians

    Musicians, sound engineers, and other music industry professionals are only as good as their hearing. Yet, with constant exposure to high decibel sound, they face the threat of permanent hearing damage and even hearing loss. It’s not just a theoretical threat, either. According to OSHA, the federal bureau of occupational safety and health administration, exposure to 115db (for example, a subway or rock concert) should be limited to no more than 15 minutes. As you well know, many concerts hit levels far in excess of that number and run for hours. How many have you personally attended in a professional capacity or even as a fan?

    The obvious solution, to wear earplugs, isn’t practical. Although earplugs can provide valuable protection, they can also distort sound, especially at the higher frequencies, making music sound “muddy.” Perhaps it’s not too surprising that when given the choice between protecting their hearing or hearing their music, musicians often opt for the latter.

    Fortunately, there is a better choice. Dr. Yagoda based in Manhattan, New York (NY), can design custom-made earplugs for you that lower the volume of the music without distorting it and offer superior ear protection! These aren’t your standard drugstore foam plugs. These earplugs are molded to shape your individual ears and they’re fitted with special filters that preserve acoustic clarity. You’ll be able to hear every frequency, even the high ones, and every subtle nuance of sound—you just won’t hear it at hearing-destroying decibels. Now, there’s no excuse not to protect your most valuable set of professional tools. Call Dr. Yagoda’s office in Manhattan/ NYC today.

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