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    Asian Double Eyelid Surgery in New York, NYC & Manhattan

    “Almond-shaped” eyes have long been regarded as the ideal shape. So why do so many Asians with almond-shaped eyes seek eyelid surgery? Perhaps for the same reason that curly-haired women seek straightening treatments and straight-haired women buy curling irons: it’s human nature to want what we don’t have. So what do so many Asians feel is lacking about their eyes?

    Asian eyelids are missing the upper eyelid crease. In order to create a more Western appearance, many methods are available to create that crease, called a “double eyelid,” although most entail incisions into the eyelid skin. This can present a problem because Asian skin, like African-American skin, Hispanic, and Mediterranean skin, has a recognized increased risk of poor healing with thickening or widening of the scars. Therefore, any surgery employing an external incision may not have an optimal result.

    To make matters just that more complicated, the majority of people choosing this type of surgery are young and do not have excess skin to be removed so they lack a natural crease in which to hide the incision. Clearly, what’s needed is a treatment/technique that doesn’t use an incision. The good news in New York, NYC, and Manhattan is that there is such a treatment and Dr. Yagoda has it!

    More than ten years ago, Dr. Yagoda was invited to the prestigious Otsuka Academy in Tokyo, Japan to operate with the late, expert surgeon Dr. Hidetada Ishii. There she became proficient in this Asian double eyelid surgery (incisionless) technique that creates an eyelid crease without incisions. Instead, hidden but permanent sutures are passed inside the eyelid to create a new crease. Dr. Yagoda brought the procedure back to New York City (NYC) and Manhattan where she’s been performing the surgery with excellent outcomes ever since. Speak with Dr. Yagoda to determine if incisionless eyelid surgery is right for you.

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