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    Voice Coach/ Teacher and Cross Choral-Training in New York

    Cross Choral Training in New York City
    A singing teacher trains adults and children in the art of singing by teaching breath control and support, proper tone production and pitch control, musical intonation and proper vowels and consonants formation, as well as musical notation and long reading.

    The singing teacher must be able to characterize voices:  for females – into one of three categories – soprano, mezzo-soprano and contralto; and for males – into one of four categories – countertenor, tenor, baritone and bass.

    A vocal coach is for more experienced singers and typically teaches new repertoires, assists in perfecting diction, manages breathing, optimizes vocal health, instructs advanced voice technique, and adapts and arranges songs for performances.

    The training and education of singing teachers and vocal coaches varies widely. Some have had extensive formal training in voice pedagogy, others have a Bachelor’s in Music, a Master’s in Music, a Conservatory diploma, or degrees in related areas such as foreign languages, human kinetics, posture techniques, or breathing methods. Others have little or no formal training but rather rely on their own experience as a performer. Still others may have come to their profession through indirect involvement as rehearsal pianists, or conductors.

    The New York Singing Teachers’ Association, of which Dr. Yagoda is a member, strives to establish and maintain a standard of voice instruction based on old traditions and ongoing scientific research. NYSTA provides teachers with advanced training that incorporates advances in voice science, neurology, psychology, education theory, medicine, and mind/body healing.

    Cross-Choral Training

    The Cross-Choral TrainingSM technique was developed to help singers safely learn to sing across all musical genres.  In addition, it allows children to sing safely through the voice changes associated with puberty.

    Dr. Yagoda of New York/NYC/Manhattan is the medical director of The Brooklyn Youth Chorus (BYC), which in conjunction with NYU Steinhardt’s Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions, offers programs in Vocal Performance and Music Education, focusing on the Cross-Choral TrainingSM technique.  Cross-Choral TrainingSM  is BYC’s holistic approach to building vocal musicians who are capable of responding to the musical and expressive demands of diverse repertoire. It is both functional voice training, based upon voice science and health, and a comprehensive approach to teaching sight-reading and other musicianship skills. It affects vocal changes at the physiological level, enabling singers to intentionally perform a variety of coordinated adjustments and vowel sound qualities. By focusing on free function, singers learn to sing in the healthiest sounds possible in a wide variety of styles.

    For the past 14 years, the GRAMMY® Award-winning Brooklyn Youth Chorus has prepared hundreds of children to perform with symphony orchestras and recording artists to great acclaim. Through its Cross-Choral TrainingSM program, BYC singers consistently demonstrate that all children can reach the highest levels of artistic achievement in a wide range of music.

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