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    Dr. Yagoda Newsletters - NYC Facial Plastic SurgeonEnjoy the current newsletter or look through a list of archived ones. Each one of the monthly newsletters contains valuable and seasonal information about skin, hair, nails, nutrition, style and beauty from plastic surgeon and Co-Founder of BeautyScoop, Dr. Michelle Yagoda, along with a Monthly Promo announcement for you, your family and friends.

    2023 Newsletters

    January 2023 “Statistics are like bikinis”
    March 2023 “How to Get it ‘Just Right’”
    April 2023 “Steamy & Smoking HOT!”
    May 2023 “Introducing SLOW-TOX!!”
    June 2023 “All Roads Lead to Rome”
    September 2023 “Mi piace. Ti piace?”
    December 2023 “When One Door Closes…”

    2022 Newsletters

    September 2022 “No water, no life”
    December 2022 “Buccal Fat Removal: Miracle or Mistake?”

    2021 Newsletters

    March 2021 “Are Pfizer, Moderna and J&J actually “vaccines?”
    May 2021 “4 Actions you can take NOW to emerge from the pandemic cocoon as a beautiful butterfly (instead of a mere moth!)”
    June 2021 “Post Pandemic Contact Enhanced Access”
    October 2021 “Fall into (daylight) $avings$”

    2020 Newsletters

    February 2020 “No Debate Here”
    May 2020 “Facial Rejuvenation Procedures At Home During COVID-19?”
    June 2020 “We’re BAAACK!!”
    December 2020 “Holiday Travel During COVID? The Answer May Surprise You”

    2019 Newsletters

    February 2019 “Lip Goals!”
    April 2019 “Unmask the Myth”
    May 2019 “Travel with Beauty Benefits”
    June 2019 “Have you heard of #NewTox?”
    September 2019 “The 10 for 10 No-Knife Nose Job”
    November 2019 “Women Who Sabotage Other Women – WWSOW”
    November 2019 “We give THANKS, You get REWARDS!”

    2018 Newsletters

    January 2018 “Confucius on Beauty”
    February 2018 “Alicia Keys & Giselle Bündchen?”
    March 2018 “MANtenance: Worth a MENtion”
    July 2018 “Medicate or Meditate”
    September 2018 “The One Thing Your Need to Know”
    November 2018 “FALL for this SPECIAL with Dr. Yagoda”
    November 2018 “Brazil in New York?”

    2017 Newsletters

    January 2017 “New Year, New You!”
    March 2017 “Skin Ready for Spring?”
    May 2017 “Refine Cheeks & Jawline w/o Surgery!”
    July 2017 “Yankee Doodle Do or DIE?”
    September 2017 “Fillers: 6 Truths You’ll Want to Know!”
    November 2017 “You Get, We Give”

    2016 Newsletters

    January 2016 “Fresh Year, Fresh Face!”
    March 2016 “Get a “Career Lift!”
    May 2016 “Lingering Gaze and Dilated ___?”
    July 2016 “Optimal Illusion”
    September 2016 “In the Skin War: Do You Camouflage or Battle?”
    November 2016 “Turkey, Swan or Tech…Neck?”

    2015 Newsletters

    January 2015 “2015: Now Trending, Plastic Surgery Edition!”
    February 2015 “Want love? The eyes have it”
    March 2015 “The “Coughequences” of Coughing”
    April 2015 “Spring: Be “Smooth as Silk!”
    May 2015 “Spring Awake Your Senses”
    June 2015 “It’s Summer! Time to Freckle?”
    July 2015 “Turn Your Frown (Lines) Upside Down!”
    August 2015 “The Dimple: Your Easy Smile Enhancer!”
    September 2015 “Learn More About MOHs”
    October 2015 “’FaceTime’ Plastic Surgery Edition!”
    November 2015 “Thinking Ahead to 2016!”
    December 2015 “Medical Financing: You Can Afford It!”

    2014 Newsletters

    January 2014 “The Big Reveal”
    February 2014 “Only 6.4 Calories?”
    March 2014 “Get Lucky”
    April 2014 “Put a Spring in Your Step… and Skin!”
    May 2014 “The Summer of ‘Selfies!’”
    June 2014 “Reunited and You Look So Good”
    July 2014 “July’s Four(th) FAQs!”
    August 2014 “Do You Know Your Nose?”
    September 2014 “Back to School and Back to YOU!”
    October 2014 “Are You Scaring Yourself?”
    November 2014 “Showing Your Thanks”
    December 2014 “’Tis the Sharing Season!”

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