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    When Women Lose Their Hair 

    The good news is that women’s hair loss is often reversible with proper treatment. Men’s pattern baldness, unfortunately, is irreversible. Locations of hair loss in men and women differ as well. While men’s hair loss is typically localized to the temple, the crown or the “bald spot” on the top of the head, women are more likely to experience diffuse thinning throughout the scalp, or a high hairline.

    The most common medical problem causing thinning and balding in women is related to excess male hormone (androgen) and is called androgenic alopecia. It may come as a surprise to some, but male hormones are typically present in women, albeit in small quantities. When those levels rise abnormally, the hair growth cycle will be adversely affected: the hair follicle will shrink over time and die, or become incapable of producing and maintaining healthy hair growth.

    Alopecia areata is another common medical cause of hair loss in women. It is an autoimmune issue characterized by patches of hair loss, but often successfully treated with steroids. Hormonal fluctuations with pregnancy, post-pregnancy and menopause, as well as those hormonal changes associated with medications like the oral contraceptive, can contribute to hair thinning and balding as well. These and other medical causes like anemia, thyroid disorders, physical or mental stress, and crash or poor diets can lead to an insufficient quantity of the building blocks necessary for the growth and maintenance of healthy hair.

    Non-medical factors causing excessive hair loss can also contribute to the problem. Hair-straightening procedures, like the Brazilian Blow-Out or Japanese Straightening can cause thinning and balding. Over-styling with frequent blow-drying, hair coloring, perming or processing can be problematic, as can hair extensions, tight ponytails, braids, and cornrows that can lead to tension alopecia with premature breakage and tearing of the hair from its follicle.


    If you are suffering from thinning hair and/or hair loss, speak with Dr. Yagoda or your doctor, to see if BeautyScoop®, may be a treatment option for you. Get more voluminous, thicker-looking, shinier, fuller hair  with this doctor-developed, scientifically and clinically proven nutritional beauty supplement rich in essential peptides and lipids that are the necessary building blocks for healthy and beautiful hair. Its natural, patented, allergen friendly formula, is made in the USA at an organic-certified factory. BeautyScoop® enhances fuller, healthier existing hair growth and reduces shedding to optimize thicker, shinier, lustrous and voluminous hair. It delivers rapid, measurable and significant results that you can see and feel:

    1. 95% of users in clinical trials reported an improvement in their hair, skin and/or nails; 85% reported a noticeable improvement; 74% reported a great improvement; and, 21% reported that their problem was completely gone.
    2. After the FIRST week, 58% noticed an improvement in hair.
    3. After TWO WEEKS of use, 79% noticed an improvement in hair.
    4. After THREE WEEKS, 84% noticed an improvement in hair.

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