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    Hair Care Treatments in Manhattan, New York

    Hair seems to be hell-bent on frustrating us. We’ve got too much of it where we don’t want it and too little where we could use it! While we women are busy plucking, shaving, and waxing the hair off our arms, legs, chins, and upper lips, we’re fretting over thinning hair on our heads and sparse eyebrows and eyelashes. And while men are fearing receding hair lines and male pattern baldness, they are eagerly manscaping their unibrows, nose hair, and ear hair along with their neck and back “wooleys.” Nature has a strange sense of humor sometimes.

    Thankfully, as with many of nature’s challenges, there are solutions. Dr. Yagoda offers a variety of treatments and services that can help you make peace with your hair. Whether you have too much or not enough (hair loss), there is solid help to be had in the form of targeted nutrition, pharmaceuticals, and treatments.

    Before we discuss the various solutions to excess and insufficient hair, it helps to know a little bit about hair health and what causes it to grow (or fail to grow). Read When Hair Goes Haywire to read more “big hairy secrets.”

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