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    Alto Defense Serum

    Protect Winter Skin

    Dr. Yagoda recommends Alto Defense Serum to combat free radicals and environmental stressors. It contains Vitamins C and E + 17 additional antioxidants. It is a must (in conjunction with full-spectrum physical/mineral sunscreen) FOR ANYONE WHO HAS HAD SKIN CANCER OR WHO IS AT RISK FOR SKIN CANCER.

    Buy now and receive FREE SHIPPING and a GIFT WITH PURCHASE

    Spend $399+ and RECEIVE 15 ml MYSTRO ACTIVE BALANCE serum

    <p($115 value)

    It reduces visible redness, evens pigmentation and texture, and diminishes the appearance of large pores.



    2024 Travel Benefits

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    MedJet Travel Insurance
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    • Unlike travel insurance, platinum cards and business travel accident policies, there are NO deductibles, NO claim forms and NO monetary caps on air medical transport costs for hospital of choice medical transfer.
    • For travelers under age 75, there are NO medical questions to enroll or pre-existing condition clauses.
    • NO need to have a transfer deemed “medically necessary.”
    • Covid-19 Transport is covered at NO extra fee.

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    For more information and fees and download the application to sign-up.

    The plan name/ID is: Michelle R. Yagoda, M.D., P.C. • Plan ID# 3148