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Scar Revision

A conspicuous scar is radically different from the surrounding skin. It may be raised, depressed, or have a different color or texture than the healthy tissue that surrounds it. Treatments to improve the appearance of scars generally seek to minimize these differences. Whether due to injury or surgery, even wounds that have healed well may result in scars that detract from your appearance. If your wound has healed poorly, what ought to have been a minor scar might have turned into one that’s unsightly or even disfiguring. Luckily, scar revision is an option.

While no treatment can completely eliminate a scar, topical therapies, injectable treatments, including fillers, IPL (intense pulsed light)/laser therapy, and surgical revision with better wound closure techniques can help the scar blend more with the surrounding skin so it’s less obvious and objectionable. There are options for scar revision.

Dr. Yagoda will explain your options for scar revision and help you decide whether this procedure might be of benefit.