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    Brow & Forehead Lift Surgery (New York, NYC, Manhattan)

    The forehead and brow area takes up a lot of facial real estate, comprising most of the upper third of your face. Genetic predisposition, extreme animation, and age can cause the brow to start to lose its youthful smoothness. You might start to see increasingly deep horizontal furrows and vertical “11” lines between the eyebrows. These can cause you to look angry or worried, even when you’re not. The brow itself begins to droop. And as the forehead skin sags, the upper eyelids can take on a hooded look.

    Some of us have high hairlines or unevenly set eyebrows. Modest quirks can often be corrected with simple cosmetic tweaks—bangs to cover a high forehead or eyebrow pencil to even out the appearance of uneven brows. But for vertical and horizontal lines that don’t disappear at rest, for serious eyebrow asymmetry and extreme hairlines, injectable neurotoxins or even a brow lift might prove very beneficial.

    Dr. Yagoda offers the following treatments for the brow and forehead from her New York/ Manhattan office:

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