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    Your nails are a reliable barometer of your total health so if yours are weak, soft, brittle, or split, it’s more than a cosmetic concern. Usually, if you notice a change in the appearance of your nails, it may mean that you are getting insufficient amounts of certain nutrients in your diet, or that you have an underlying medical condition.

    If you notice brittle or weak nails, it could be a calcium deficiency. Cracking or breaking can also be signs of iron or zinc deficiency, or they could mean that you are not consuming enough protein. Peeling nails can mean a diet that is lacking in lipids such as linoleic acid, from safflower oil. A diet low in biotin can cause nails to become thin, brittle and easily broken.

    Two other common problems include spots, either white or brown. If you notice white spots and you know that you don’t have nail fungus, it could be that you are not getting enough of the minerals iron and zinc (this is more common in women than in men). Brown spots can be signs of insufficient protein, folic acid, and Vitamin C. Sometimes, spots on the nails may even be a manifestation of some type of trauma to the nail. If you have a deficiency of Vitamin B12, you could also see curved nail tips and darkening of the nails.

    But if you notice vertical ridges, don’t be alarmed—they may be a sign not of any health problem, but of normal aging.


    Beauty Scoop - Know Better - World's Most Advanced SupplementIf you already eat a healthy, balanced diet, but are still experiencing weak, brittle >nails, you may have problems absorbing necessary nutrients from your diet.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, up to one-third of people over the age of 18 experience this problem.  Dr. Yagoda and her partner, Dr. Eugene Gans  co-created and patented BeautyScoop®, the first and only, doctor-developed, scientifically and clinically proven beauty nutritional supplement rich in essential peptides and lipids that are the necessary building blocks for healthy and beautiful nails. Its natural, patented formula, enhanced with collagen and hyaluronic acid, is made in the USA at an organic-certified factory and delivers effective, fast, visible results.

    BeautyScoop® will provide the following nail benefits:

    • Lengthen nails and optimize healthy toe nail growth
    • Strengthen weak and brittle nails
    • Reinforce chipping and peeling nails
    • Halt the development of nail ridges in women and men
    • Revitalize aging nails
    • Improve the vitality of the nail at a cellular level
    • Soften cuticles, reducing the need for manicures
    • Aid in more perfect and stronger nail development

    According to data published in the Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences

    1. 95% of users in clinical trials reported an improvement in their hair, skin and/or nails; 85% reported a noticeable improvement; 74% reported a great improvement; and, 21% reported that their problem was completely gone.
    2. After the FIRST week, 79% noticed an improvement in nails.
    3. After TWO WEEKS of use, 95% noticed an improvement in nails.
    4. After THREE WEEKS, 99% noticed an improvement in nails.

    Get longer, stronger, more perfect nails with BeautyScoop®.

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