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    Celebrity Nose Jobs (aka Rhinoplasty Surgery)

    Celebrities have been undergoing rhinoplasty, or cosmetic nasal surgery, for decades. In May of 1930, The Los Angeles Examiner reported, “Having one’s nose shaped to fit the talkies is the most popular thing in Hollywood now.” In the 1950s, it was not uncommon for Hollywood stars to seek out the plastic surgery procedure—or have it thrust upon them. Carrie Fisher told London’s Daily Mail that her mother, Debbie Reynolds, was pressured by her studio to have a “nose job” or rhinoplasty, even though the results of these early procedures were notoriously unreliable. “My mother was made to have her ears pinned back,” says Fisher, “but she refused the nose job because they were really butchering them then.”

    The best celebrity nose jobs are the ones you can’t spot but whose impact you can feel. Celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry, Winona Ryder, Ashlee Simpson, and Cameron Diaz have all admitted or been rumored to have had a rhinoplasty procedure. When you compare old photos of these stars with more recent ones, they look subtly improved but still readily identifiable. And Natalie Portman’s nose, which may not be her original one, is reportedly the one most often requested by prospective rhinoplasty patients.

    Today, celebrity rhinoplasty procedures are so common that it’s often said, “no one in Los Angeles has their original nose.” Of course, not all rhinoplasties are good. Jennifer Grey, who starred alongside Patrick Swayze in the 1987 hit movie, “Dirty Dancing,” had a “nose job” to remove a bump on her nose. The plastic surgery altered her appearance so radically that no one recognized her. The sudden anonymity ruined her career.

    Celebrity cosmetic surgery is not limited to rhinoplasty.  As the population’s focus on celebrities has grown, so too has their fascination with plastic surgery.  It has gone from mundane to extreme.  Once a rite of passage only for the privileged classes, rhinoplasty has become mainstream and at times even, extreme.  While many believe that extreme plastic surgery has served Kim Kardashian well, it has certainly backfired on Heidi Montag.

    Dr. Yagoda firmly believes that while it’s fun to browse celebrity galleries of ever-changing faces, you shouldn’t expect to copy someone else’s feature, no matter how expertly it is sculpted by a plastic surgeon. The right nose for you is the one that enhances your appearance without compromising your identity.

    The Procedure

    Rhinoplasty or nose job surgery can be performed in  Dr. Yagoda’s New York City office-based surgical facility or in a NYC hospital, under local anesthetic with IV sedation or under general anesthesia. This plastic surgery procedure takes between 45 minutes and two hours. The exact surgical technique is uniquely tailored by the plastic surgeon for each patient but most of the time, all incisions are made internally and there are no visible scars. Sometimes, an incision is made at the base of the nostrils and the incision is carefully hidden.


    You can return to work in about a week after your plastic surgery and you’ll be able to use a stationary bike or treadmill by the second week. By the third week, you can return to full activities. Although you’ll see immediate improvement, your nose’s shape and your profile will continue to refine over the next 12 to 18 months.


    Like all surgery, rhinoplasty has certain risks including infection, bleeding, and reaction to anesthesia. Other risks include structural damage to the nose. Dr. Yagoda will discuss these potential risks as well as the benefits of this plastic surgery procedure  in full during your consultation in her New York City/NYC/Manhattan office.

    To determine if you might benefit from rhinoplasty or nose job surgery, call Dr. Yagoda today to schedule your personal comprehensive plastic surgery consultation in her New York, NY office.

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