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    W-plasty Lip Reduction Surgery in New York, NYC & Manhattan

    While many people with thin lips seek lip augmentation to achieve a fuller, more sensuous look, others are troubled by lips that are too prominent and dominate the face.

    An aesthetically pleasing face has symmetry and properly proportioned features. The lips not only have to harmonize with the surrounding features, but they must also be in proportion to one another. Your bottom lip, for example, should stick out more than your upper lip. Your upper lip should be thinner than your bottom lip.

    For men and women whose lips are out of proportion, lip reduction can help restore facial balance. In this surgical procedure, excess lip tissue is trimmed to create smaller, shapelier lips. The surgery is performed in Dr. Yagoda’s New York City/NYC/Manhattan office surgical suite under local anesthesia or in the hospital.

    Although the concept is straightforward, the surgical technique is actually fairly challenging. Your lips move in three dimensions, making it possible for you to smile, frown, and purse your lips. It’s this third action, pursing, that makes lip surgery so challenging. It’s also why you should seek out a facial plastic surgeon, like Dr. Yagoda, who has in-depth knowledge of the structures and musculature of the face.

    To remove excess tissue without compromising the animation of your lips, Dr. Yagoda uses a special kind of excision technique called a “W-plasty.” Whereas straight excision would produce visible scars, this method keeps them well hidden. W-plasty also helps preserve the natural shape and free movement of the lips.

    If you think you might benefit from lip reduction surgery, contact our NYC/ Manhattan office to schedule a comprehensive consultation. Dr. Yagoda will explain the procedure, as well as all of the potential risks, benefits, and alternatives.

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