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    Swallowing Disorders

    As an otolaryngologist who specializes in the treatment of the ears, nose, and throat, Dr. Yagoda will take a complete history and perform a comprehensive medical examination, including endoscopy.  If need be, she may order additional imaging studies, a pH probe study, and/or a video esophagram to evaluate the structure and function of your swallowing pathway in real-time as you ingest a liquid, semi-solid and a solid.The medical term for difficulty swallowing is dysphagia.  Whether it is difficult to swallow solids or liquids, or whether it is just painful (odynophagia), Dr. Yagoda can help with swallowing disorders.  There are two distinct types of dysphagia: oropharyngeal, which is when it is difficult to move food from your mouth to your throat, and esophageal, when food gets stuck in the food “pipe” en route to the stomach.

    After Dr. Yagoda has pinpointed the source of your dysphagia, she can recommend a course of treatment.  If caused by reflux, treatment might include dietary modification, stress reduction, and medication.  Swallowing difficulties that are attributed to motility (muscular) disorders may be treated with localized injections of a neurotoxin Dysphagia due to structural problems may be treated with a stent to widen narrowed passages, or surgery to remove any tumors, blockages, or outpouchings.

    If you have difficulty swallowing, there are effective treatments available. Contact Dr. Yagoda’s office to schedule your comprehensive consultation.

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