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    Jaw Enlargement Surgery in New York & Manhattan

    Jaw Enlargement Surgery in New York & Manhattan

    Although sometimes a too-large jaw can appear comical, most people associate a strong jawline with power and beauty (think Jennifer Aniston, Rob Lowe, and Keira Knightley). If you feel that your jaw is too narrow or you desire a squarer jawline and a more assertive look, jaw enlargement might be your ideal procedure.

    The Procedure

    Jaw enlargement is performed under general anesthesia, either in a hospital or in an office-based surgical suite. An incision is made inside the mouth, near the wisdom teeth. Implants are inserted through these incisions and they are then sutured closed. Jaw enlargement is sometimes combined with other procedures that reshape the profile, including chin augmentation and rhinoplasty.

    The Recovery

    The recovery period for jaw enlargement surgery is 7-10 days. Because the incision is inside the mouth, you will need to keep the area free of food particles in order to prevent infection. You will therefore need to be on a liquid or soft diet during the first one or two days. For the rest of your recovery, while your jaw is still healing, you may want to stick to foods that don’t require a lot of chewing. You may experience moderate discomfort and temporary swelling.


    Like all surgeries, jaw enlargement isn’t entirely without risk. During your consultation, Dr. Yagoda will evaluate your needs, explain the procedure, and detail all of the risks and benefits.

    To determine if jaw enlargement surgery might be right for you, call our New York/ Manhattan office to schedule your comprehensive personal consultation.

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