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    Nostril Reduction

    Dr. Yagoda is a facial plastic surgeon who firmly believes in not only looking and feeling great for your age, but also embracing, and only fine tuning the signs of your heritage and ethnicity. To that end, she is an expert in natural rhinoplasty. That said, some people wish to reduce the size and width of their nostrils. This desire frequently arises in ethnic rhinoplasties, including AsianAfrican-American/Black, Latino/Hispanic, and Mediterranean/Middle Eastern, in which the noses may have a wider, flatter base. Flaring nostrils can also be the result of a previous noe job or rhinoplasty procedure in which a projecting nasal tip has been reduced, causing the rims of the nostrils to roll outwards.

    To make nostrils narrower, Dr. Yagoda performs a modified Weir excision or alar base reduction. She makes small incisions around the base of the nostril where is meets the cheek, removes tissue at the base of the nostril, and discretely sutures them closed. The result is both smaller nostrils and a narrower nasal base. As a skilled plastic surgeon, Dr. Yagoda can also shape the nostrils so that their natural contours are preserved.

    During your comprehensive rhinoplasty consultation in our New York City office, Dr. Yagoda will discuss nostril reduction and tailor a plan to achieve your aesthetic goals.

    The Procedure

    Nostril reduction rhinoplasty or nose job surgery can be performed in  Dr. Yagoda’s New York City office-based surgical facility or in a NYC hospital, under local anesthetic with IV sedation or under general anesthesia. This plastic surgery procedure takes between 45 minutes and two hours. The exact surgical technique is uniquely tailored by the plastic surgeon for each patient but most of the time, all incisions are made internally and there are no visible scars. Sometimes, an incision is made at the base of the nostrils and the incision is carefully hidden.


    You can return to work in about a week after your nostril reduction plastic surgery and you’ll be able to use a stationary bike or treadmill by the second week. By the third week, you can return to full activities. Although you’ll see immediate improvement, your nose’s shape and your profile will continue to refine over the next 12 to 18 months.


    Like all surgery, nostril reduction rhinoplasty has certain risks including infection, bleeding, and reaction to anesthesia. Other risks include structural damage to the nose. Dr. Yagoda will discuss these potential risks as well as the benefits of this plastic surgery procedure  in full during your consultation in her New York City office.

    To determine if you might benefit from  nostril reduction rhinoplasty or nose job surgery, call Dr. Yagoda today to schedule your personal comprehensive plastic surgery consultation in her New York, NY office.

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    Flying In

    Dr. Yagoda’s nostril reduction rhinoplasty patients come to New York from all over the world. From Qatar to Quebec, we can help you get here from abroad.

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