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    Hello Dr Yagoda,

    I just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU for taking care of my daughter Laura Delany and let you know that tonight she had her West End debut in London in Cabaret. She graduated from Royal Academy of Music in July and started rehearsals for this late August and will be performing as a swing and assistant dance captain for one year starting yesterday. She unexpectedly actually performed as character Rosie tonight because main actor got sick. Thank you thank you thank you. You got Laura to treat and think about her voice as the special gift that it now and she wouldn’t have gotten to this point without the care you gave her it was game changing!

    Carol Brown MD

    Love you… miss you. You rock! I’ll never forget how you saved my voice so many years ago. Forever grateful for your kindness, generosity and medical and holistic healing methods.

    Jennifer V.

    Thank you so much Michelle. Thanks to you I can always lie about my age and people will think it’s the truth!

    Diana S., Facelift patient

    Having a facelift was a major decision for me. Dr. Yagoda was straightforward in explaining facelift surgical procedures as well as expenses. She was honest in outlining the final results of my facelift. However, it was not until I actually underwent plastic surgery that I fully realized that it is a very long process. Not only is the skill and aesthetic touch of the physician important, but the patient’s role during the healing process is vital. Dr Yagoda is a compassionate surgeon with outstanding technical skills, and a strong aesthetic sense. She made my facelift surgery experience quite tolerable. My results were well worth the great expenses and lengthy discomforts. Thanks to Dr. Yagoda, I am now an updated classic!

    Esther K.

    Wendy Silberstein Testimonial

    Hello there,

    I’ve been recently having issues with my sense of smell… Your article resonated with me and it was extremely helpful so I’m writing to thank you for putting up such great info online! Thanks a lot!*

    Kind regards,


    We want to thank you for all that you did to help Max get through his tonsillectomy. Not only did you do an amazing job on the surgery, but your care and concern eased all of our stress and made the experience so much better. Thank you!*

    Warmly, Shari, Steve & Max

    My face looks great…the small bruise in my forehead is now gone and I had barely a mark above my lip but what was there was gone within 2 days. Now I am hooked. Thank you so much!*

    Wendy R.

    After you opened up my schnozz (and I lost 40 pounds)… zero sleep apnea. That is, the horrifying claustrophobia dreams that initially sent me to a sleep clinic, have completely disappeared. So thanks for that!*

    Josh Q., California

    patient testimonialt hank you cardpatient testimonial janet supit goss
    Dear Dr. Yagoda,

    Just wanted to thank you again for taking the time out of your busy schedule to help me out last week. ​Dr. Kraus was wonderful, and after 5 procedures and 5 days at Lenox Hill, it’s sheer heaven to be back home. You really went the extra mile to help a terrified patient in a fraught situation, and I sincerely appreciate it. You’re a saint!*

    Best to you,
    Janet Siefert Goss


    Hey Dr. Yagoda!

    Hope all is well! As promised here is….my album.

    Thank you for getting me well again – I couldn’t have finished the album without your help! There were a few months where I was so discouraged with my singing abilities due to everything you found in my nose and sinuses. I am so grateful I was sent your way to get myself straightened out and am now able to sing at 100% again.*

    Enjoy the music,


    From patient who underwent functional nasal surgery and cosmetic rhinoplasty in 2016:

    Dr. Yagoda and Alexa,

    Thank you for everything! I appreciate all of your patience and kindness. You have help me feel more like myself. I can breathe much better and feel like a new person. The surgery has dramatically changed my life for the better, I have more energy, and confidence. Thank you so much for making a difficult process as simple and effortless as possible. It has been a pleasure to get to know you both, I always looked forward to seeing you at my appointments. I wish you all the best and once again, thank you, thank you, thank you!*

    Juliet K., Artist

    I feel like I will never find the words to truly express how much I trust and love Dr. Yagoda. She takes such a deep personal interest in her patients – something you rarely find anymore! She really cares, and goes above and beyond to provide individualized care.

    She is an expert Facial Surgeon – not only did she identify possible Basal Cell cancer during a routine visit, but she went out of her way to collaborate with a cancer surgeon through the process, ultimately performing the reconstruction of the area on my nose from which the cancer was removed. Absolute perfection! Her support and knowledge allowed me to get through the ordeal with heightened understanding and very little fear.

    Furthermore, she recommends wonderful, EFFECTIVE products that keep me looking and feeling so young! While others search for the fountain of youth, I’ve found it.

    I can honestly say that I feel blessed to be under Dr. Yagoda’s care!*

    An extremely satisfied patient, Jo-Ann Sperano


    Ultimate Facercise - Carol MaggioUltimate Facercise - Carol Maggio - Testimonial

    Dear Michelle, Thank you so much for your support of facial exercises.*

    Warm regards,
    Carol Maggio


    Dear Dr. Yagoda,

    Testimonial-The Art of Selling the Art of HealingIt was a pleasure speaking with you and I want to personally thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to be a guest on our radio show.

    For the past 10 years my passion has been to identify superstars and trailblazers in the health and wellness field and position them in front of the public to help communicate their message to as many people as possible. I look for doctors who are on the cutting edge of prevention and addressing health problems at the very root. Doctors who also understand the importance of rebuilding the relationship between the physician and the public.

    The Art of Selling - The Art of Healing-signatureFrom that passion, I formed my company, Health Media Group – which is a wellness-marketing organization, specializing in promoting Anti-Aging, Integrative and wellness oriented physicians, healers and companies to the New York market.

    Through our events, publications, advertising, publicity, videos and media partnerships we’ve created a platform that helps familiarize and educate the millions of people we reach with the philosophy of proactive wellness and changing the way they think about healthcare.

    I would love to have you speak at one of my events as my guest. If we can ever be of service to you, please don’t hesitate to contact me.*

    Enjoy the book!
    Alex Lubarsky


    Dear Dr. Yagoda,
    Thank you!  You make my world a better place!!  It’s true!  I’m not quite sure just how to thank-you for doing what I thought was the impossible.  I  feel like my old self and find myself smiling more.  I’ve even caught my mom looking over at me and can tell she’s thinking of my sister, Victoria.  It’s hard to put into words what that feels like but I have you to thank.  Thank you for also being so patient and attentive throughout.  Katherine and Kaitlin, you two bring such a warmth to the office and are so good at what you do.  You’re an amazing team!*

    Thank you always,
    Christina's testimonial

    Dr. Yagoda,

    Thank you for your presentation at APAC yesterday.  The fellow narrators I spoke to felt it was one of the best sessions we attended.

    I have seen an ENT doctor for various issues, but I’mnot sure that they’re giving me a comprehensive view of the state of my health with respect to my voice and breathing.

    Again, thanks for your enlightening session.*


    Dear Dr. Yagoda,

    I saw you at APAC.  You were fantastic! We were all talking about you and took copious notes.*

    Kathe Mazur

    Television & Film Actress, Audio book narrator who has recorded over 100 titles and won Audiofile’s Earphone Award.

    Dear Dr. Yagoda,

    The purpose of this letter is to describe what lead up to my Nasal surgery this spring and how I have progressed since the surgery.

    For as long as I can remember, I have not been able to breathe properly through my nose.  Roughly five years ago, I started suffering from severe sleep apnea.  I would “wake up” in a half sleep state and unable to breathe.  This would happen sometimes several times per night.  It was absolutely terrifying.  Not only were these incidents very troublesome, I also never really felt well rested.  I suffer from anxiety and the degradation in my sleep pattern was having deleterious effects on my condition.  Every night I would wake up at least a few times and sometimes every 15-30 minutes.

    Various doctors had put me on nasal steroids to try to alleviate my condition but the effect diminished over time.  I was also trying “breath right” strips which seemed to work for a while but also became ineffective with the passage of time.

    I finally met Dr. Yagoda at the end of winter.  She diagnosed me quickly and confidently.  She had very high conviction that the surgery she performed would help.  She operated about five weeks later.  The surgery was a success.  In a few short weeks, after the swelling subsuded, I was able to breathe through both nostrils for the first time since I was a kid.  My sleep improved quickly.  I am now sleeping soundly almost every night for six to eight hours at a time.  I feel like a new man.  I am more well rested, have better cognitive function, more energy and my anxiety in check.  This is the best I have felt in al long as I can remember.  Dr. Yagoda’s surgery was the inflection point in a life changing transformation.*

    Robert's Testimonial

    Dear Dr. Yagoda,

    My thoughts have turned to you since you performed surgery on my ear, and I should like to share them with you.

    As you know the basal cell malignancy on my ear re-occurred again and again since I was treated first by my dermatologist. Due to your gifted ability as a surgeon I am finally pleased with the positive results. It is so comforting to know you give your very best!! You have a way of touching lives, of making problems seem a whole lot smaller.

    Please accept the compliments — you are a wonderful doctor and your kindness will never be forgotten. You are appreciated very much!*

    Rhoda Dobbin

    Rhoda's Testimonial

    As a voice teacher, it is crucial that I refer my students to a top-notch doctor.  Dr. Yagoda is a remarkable diagnostician, exceptional in her accuracy and on target with her treatment plans for my students. As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Yagoda has helped numerous friends with corrective issues, as well as helping with innovative anti-aging treatments. Her office is modern and elegant, and reflects Dr. Yagoda’s personal style and warmth as a compassionate healer!*

    Badiene Magaziner,, The Juilliard School

    Badiene Magaziner, The Juilliard School

    Having been diagnosed with a serious medical condition requiring a difficult surgery, Dr. Yagoda went above and beyond my expectations. She really became my health advocate, helping me navigate through difficult choices. She would not settle for less than the best, when I was ready to settle, and I believe played an instrumental role in my achieving a perfect outcome.*

    Alex Kramer

    I am 59 yrs old and Dr. Michelle Yagoda has been my plastic surgeon for about 15 yrs. I went to see her because I felt that my face was aging prematurely. I had lots of stress and laugh lines not to mention age spots and discoloration under the eyes. Before seeing Dr. Yagoda I had seen another surgeon who used botox for the fine lines around my mouth;  I could not talk very well for weeks! It was so embarrassing. Unlike that physician, Dr. Yagoda believes that most patients want a face that looks natural, a face that is not “frozen” and for many of us is the same face we had before wrinkles set in. Furthermore, she encourages treatments that involve the least amount of discomfort and “down time” as possible. Over these fifteen years I have had a brow lift, fillers, botox and a chemical peal. Recently I ran into a guy I dated in college who could not believe he and I were from the same generation! Who doesn’t want to look better then an old boyfriend? I cannot say enough about Dr. Yagoda’s work.

    PS I brought my 14 yr old daughter to Dr. Yagoda because she had a line of hair and freckles around her top lip that detracted from an otherwise gorgeous face. With a couple of lazer treatments the freckles and hair were gone. No redness, no side effects. Dr. Yagoda is conservative, caring, highly competent and has the “scoop” on every new product that comes out.  I highly recommend her for men, women and children!*


    You will always be my Nose Lady!*

    Paul Savior
    Paul Savior

    Dr. Michelle Yagoda is an experienced otolaryngologist who gives her patients the highest possible quality of care. She understands those who work with the voice professionally but also addresses the needs of non-professionals whose vocal health is also important. I recommend her to my students with utmost confidence that she will keep their voices at their healthy best.*

    Yours truly,
    Jeannette LoVetri
    The Voice Workshop, NYC

    Dr. Y – Gotta get you on our show!*

    Dr. Ordon and Dr. Chopra
    Dr. Ordon and Dr. Chopra

    I have been Dr. Yagoda’s patient for more than 10 years. She is among the very best doctors I know. She has always been responsive, even when I’ve requested appointments at short notice. She is more thorough than any other doctor I know, and she patiently and fully explains what’s wrong, as well as her treatment recommendation. Most important, she explains everything so it is fully comprehensible. It is also important to me that when I see Dr. Yagoda, I never feel rushed, and I am seen promptly, at the time of my appointment. I have the highest regard for Dr. Yagoda. I’m also very glad that she’s (much) younger than I am, so I can look forward to consulting her for many years to come!*

    Christina Graybard

    Thank you for caring.*

    Bud Stafford
    Bud Stafford

    In today’s health care system, it is not only hard to find, but also rare to find a doctor like Dr. Yagoda. During an office visit for a mole removal, I had a cold, whichultimately lead to a conversation about my difficulty breathing through my nose in general. Dr. Yagoda examined me and ordered a CAT scan. The review of the scan was the most thorough discussion around results I’ve ever experienced-and I never feel like I am being rushed through any office visits. After setting up my sinus surgery, Dr. Yagoda took painstaking care to see that I had the best hospital experience and followed up with me multiple times after the surgery-again, a very rare experience to find these days. She listened to every concern and addressed them throughout the process. I cannot emphasize enough how this surgery changed the quality of my life. I suppose I got used to limited breathing through my nose. I had never been able to breathe through my nose with my mouth closed. I cannot believe the drastic change in airflow since I had the surgery. I feel fantastic. She also did a small cosmetic revision to one side of my nose to fix a previous operation done almost 30 years ago. Again, the results were great-and subtle-just as I requested. If you are considering any procedures by Dr. Yagoda, I would not hesitate for a moment. You will be receiving the finest care, by a doctor that sincerely cares about her patients, and who makes certain that she is with you through the entire process. She explains every detail along the way and ensures your comfort at all times. She will set your expectations properly and deliver on her word.*

    Sincerely, Amie Smith

    Dr. Yagoda has invaluably contributed to the strong growth of my singing career by helping to keep my vocal instrument finely tuned.  She is known within the singing community as one of the most knowledgeable ENT’s and most talented surgeons.  I recommend her to everyone.*

    Doug Kreeger

    I feel like I have the best of both worlds with Dr. Yagoda, it’s like being in the office with a very good friend who just happens to be an expert in her field.  I also appreciate her thoroughness and thoughtfulness when dealing in all arenas of her practice.  I couldn’t recommend her more…..*

    Talia Balsam, Actress (Mad Men)

    Dr. Yagoda,

    Thank you for going above & beyond the call of duty as a doctor and friend over these holidays. You are a doctor of the upmost integrity & care. I am so grateful to you for getting me through these important holidays.*

    With love & gratitude,

    Angela's Patient TestimonialAngela's Patient Testimonial

    I have used Dr. Yagoda for skin treatment for some time now, and have come to trust her approach on beauty. The idea of internal beauty strengthening is of great interest to me – both mentally and physically.*

    Marcia Gay Harden, Academy Award Winning Actress

    Dr. Yagoda is the only doctor I trust with my face.*

    Kim Director, Film and Television Actress

    Thanks for saving our life.*

    Barbara & Alexandra Brill

    Barbara & Alexandra Brill

    Dr. Yagoda solved a sinus problem that about a dozen other ENT’s missed entirely. As a result I’m breathing clearly for the first time in decades, and all the while she was professional, personable, and caring.*

    David Alan Basche

    Dr. Yagoda & Jim

    Thanks for taking care of me! :)*

    Maria, Q104.3

    Dear Dr. Yagoda,

    I had a visual problem with my eyes and had to see a Retina Specialist.

    He had no sooner finished the eye examination when he said to me:

    “You have had and unbelievable eye job – in my years of practice I have not seen one such as yours.  Your eyes are of a young girl.  Who was the doctor?”

    How can I ever thank you!*

    Your grateful patient,

    Denise's Patient Testimonial

    Dr. Yagoda” is truly an expert in her field. She came HIGHLY recommended and completely lived up to it. Her skill and attention to detail is unmatched. The procedure was much easy than expected and she addressed all of my needs and concerns ahead of time. I have never breathed better!*

    Dear Michelle,

    I would just like to take this opprotunity to Thank you!  Not only are you a wonderful doctor, but a good person.

    Your a genuine individual that goes above and beyond to help the next person and that is something you should never change about yourself.  Thank you!*

    Tali K.

    Tali's Patient Testimonial

    Dr. Yagoda, Julia & the office staff,

    They’re people like you.  Thank You with all of my heart.

    Thank you so much for all of your support, help & guidance!  Your smiley faces, good advice & soothing voices made all of my mini crisis evaporate into thin air!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  I love you gals with all my heart!

    Don’t dream it – Be It!*

    Love always,


    Albert's Testimonial

    Dr. Yagoda (and the entire office staff),

    Thank you for all of the love, caring & support that you treated us with in 2004!  You are a heaven-sent & we are thankful to have you in our lives.  May the spirit of the season fill you & your families with peace, joy & happiness this holiday!

    We wish you TONS of luck & success in 2005!*

    Best Wishes,
    The Popovic Family

    The Popovic Family

    Dear Dr. Yagoda,

    Thank you so much for your superb care this year. We feel so blessed to have found such wonderful doctors, you especially among them.  We hope all of you and your families have a beautiful and blessed holiday season. *

    All the best,
    The Plummer family

    The Plummer family

    Nov 26, 07

    Dear Dr. Yagoda,

    I just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful care you’ve given me before, during and after my sinus surgery. You are amazing! And I feel so blessed to have benefited from your expertise and caring bedside manner. Enclosed is Jerome Groopman, M.D.’s latest book, which I read with relish after being so touched by his Anatomy of Hope. Since it talks about the fine art of medicine–and you top my list of the finest doctors–I thought you might enjoy it.

    Again, many thanks for everything!*

    All the best,
    Pamela DeCesare

    Pamela DeCesarePamela DeCesare

    Dear Dr. Yagoda,

    Thank you very much for making me look so good.  There aren’t words to express how happy I am about my face.

    It was my fortune to find you for a surgeon.  I want you to know how much I appreciate all that you have done.

    Dana thanks you too!  Please give my best to Jim.  He was a big part of this perfect gift.*


    Testimonial from Facial Plastic Surgery patient

    Dear Dr. Yagoda,

    Hi! Hope you are well, and life is good.  I just wanted to drop you a letter to let you know I’m thinking about you.  It was a year ago in June when I had problems with my nose and we met.

    Speaking of my nose it’s been fine since the winter months are over and the heat in the apartment is off.

    My trip to Italy was wonderful.  The weather was great, the food was delicious and the men were gorgeous looking.*

    Stay Well!

    Testimonial from Nose Job patient

    Dear Dr. Yagoda,

    Just a quick note to thank you for all of the T.L.C.  I received while I was in the hospital last week. Have a wonderful Christmas & Joyous New Year.*

    Will see you soon!
    Monica T.

    Testimonial from Facial Plastic Surgery patient

    Dr. Yagoda Rocks!*

    Robert Verdi

    Robert Verdi

    Hope your holidays are as fabulous as we look.*

    The Robert Verdi Show

    The Robert Verdi ShowThe Robert Verdi Show

    To Dr. Yagoda

    Love & Aloha, Tori xoxo


    Dear Dr. Yagoda

    Thank you so much for opening your doors to our show. We enjoyed working with you and hope to have a chance again in the future.*


    Everyone at The It Factor

    The It FactorThe It Factor

    Dear Dr Michelle,

    I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the special care I was given by you and your staff.
    You are the best doctor I have ever known. Your wisdom and kindness outshines all the rest.  Your professionalism, compassion and guidance with my various questions prior to my procedure made me feel very comfortable.

    I am extremely pleased with the results that you achieved for me. I wanted to look natural and that is exactly what I got.  I have been receiving so many compliments on how good I look. People are asking me if I lost weight. They can’t put their finger on it, but they know I look better then before.  (We’ll just keep it our secret!)

    I’m so glad that I told my mother, my brother, and my sister-in-law about you because they are also ecstatic over their results.  My mom loves her eyes, and brother and my sister-in-law love their new noses.  Everyone looks like themselves, only (much) better! We are so glad to have found you.*

    Respectfully yours,
    Boca Raton, Florida

    Dr. Yagoda performed my rhinoplasty revision.  Having been through two surgeries, both of which were too subtle and left me with the same nose construction, I was skeptical.  I am forever grateful for her candor in managing my expectations, but more so for her swift judgement in the OR and her ability to repair the internal damage from the previous rhinoplasties that she found once she began my surgery.

    I can also thank Dr. Yagoda for spectacular cosmetic filler applications — the results are incredibly natural, and the detailed way in which she approaches external beauty is as meticulous as the care she gives for her surgery patients.*

    Christine Williams Morrison

    Thank heaven for Dr. Yagoda!  After hearing well-meaning friends say “You look tired”  I followed up on the suggestion of one friend to see Dr. Yagoda and I am so very glad I did!

    Dr. Yagoda, was easy to talk to and understood my concerns given the bad experiences I had had with other plastic surgeons and face fillers.  Dr. Yagoda’s expertise about the face-fillers that work best for MY face and skin and her artist’s eye are outstanding.  Now, friends tell me “YOU LOOK GREAT” and it’s all thanks to Dr. Yagoda.*

    Jo-Ann S.

    After much research I selected to get my dimple surgery by Dr. Michelle Yagoda. Dr. Yagoda displayed a great wealth of knowledge of my dimple creation surgery and it was extremely important to her that I was aware of the big picture not only the positive aspects of the surgery. Her professionalism is out of this world. She took her time and explained every scenario that I could face and discussed whether or not I was comfortable to move forward. I appreciate her warm welcoming and friendly demeanor I’ve never met a doctor so passionate about their patient’s happiness. She has definitely assisted me in reaching my desired look. She is a top rated professional and now I understand why. Should I desire to get any additional plastic surgery I will definitely make my way back to Dr. Michelle Yagoda.*

    Bernice V

    My introductory interview with Dr. Yagoda was congenial and informative… I feel confident that the doctor is competent and skillful…*

    Carol P.

    *Disclaimer: The information ​contained herein ​relates to medical and health- related topics. It is not meant to be a substitute for the advice ​of a reputable and experienced physician​. While the ​ ​testimonials are actual unsolicited comments from real patients of Dr. Michelle Yagoda, it is important to note that results may vary from person to person.

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