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    Best Torn Earlobe Repair Surgery in Manhattan, New York

    A lifetime of wearing earrings can cause the holes of pierced ears to weaken, stretch, and eventually, tear. Earlobe tears may be partial, resulting in an elongated or wide hole, or full, resulting in a split earlobe. Sometimes, we get an earlobe tear by pulling sweaters over our head and snagging an earring or by getting our dangly earrings too close to an inquisitive toddler. There are also people who intentionally stretch their pierced holes or earlobes for a “punk” look and then come to regret it.

    Fortunately, Dr. Yagoda of Manhattan, New York can repair damaged earlobes simply and effectively by offering torn earlobe repair.  Best of all, torn earlobe repair is a very quick procedure performed under local anesthesia to numb the ear. The damaged portion is removed and the tear is sutured closed, preserving the hole for earrings, if desired. The stitches dissolve in about a week and normal activities can resume immediately, as long as they don’t put any tension on the ears.

    To determine if torn earlobe repair surgery might be right for you, call our Manhattan, New York office to schedule your comprehensive consultation with Dr. Yagoda.

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