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    Eye Lash Conditioners

    Recently, a new crop of eye lash conditioners and treatments have promised to go where cosmetics never could, helping us grow the lashes we’ve always wanted. Whether a topical prescription drug, like Latisse or other lash lengtheners [make this a link], or a more accessible “lash conditioner” like RevitaLash, Marini Lash, RapidLash, and Talika, the market now offers several promising choices for women seeking to enhance their own natural lashes.

    Latisse contains an FDA-approved pharmaceutical prostaglandin analogue named bimatoprost that has been scientifically proven to grow longer and darker lashes. Other lash lengtheners like Rapidlash, Revitalash, Dermalash, and Peter Thomas Roth’s Lashes-to-Die-For also claim to contain a prostaglandin analogue.  Since these prostaglandin analogues offer cosmetic changes (i.e. lash “conditioning”) instead of physiologic changes (i.e. lash growth) they can be sold without FDA approval.  [NOTE:  The FDA currently only regulates products that make a claim to change the structure and function of the body; not those that merely offer to modify appearance.]

    Jan Marini’s newly reformulated Marini Lash, and TalikaLipocils, formulated by a French doctor, are also listed as lash conditioners. They report all of the benefits of the prostaglandin analogues but claim that the active ingredient is a polypeptide. But, buyer beware!  Since polypeptides may be the building blocks for prostaglandins, it may just be clever labeling.

    A note on pricing:

    The price per month does not vary greatly among products, but depends on the quantity.  In general, if the price is $125-$160, the product lasts 5-6 months. If the product is $40-$60, it generally lasts 1-2 months. As with all things in life, you get what you pay for!

    Which one of these products is best? As with many questions in aesthetic medicine, the answer depends on your goals and how much weight you give to each product’s potential cost, advantages, risks, and drawbacks. In New York, Manhattan, and NYC, Dr. Yagoda believes in offering a full spectrum of choices for her patients. We are proud to offer all of these products as well as the expertise to help you select the one that’s best for you.

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