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    Granuloma & Papilloma Treatment in Manhattan/ NYC, New York (NY)

    Granulomas and papillomas are two types of individual, discrete growths that occur on the vocal cord. Although their symptoms are similar—both include hoarseness and a feeling of something in the larynx—their causes, and hence treatments, are very different.

    The most common cause of granulomas is laryngopharyngeal reflux, which is a type of acid reflux disease in which stomach acid rises and enters the voice box. If Dr. Yagoda of Manhattan, NYC, New York (NY) determines that this is causing the growth of granulomas, she will recommend a treatment that usually involves a combination of diet modification, lifestyle changes, voice therapy to reduce voice misuse or abuse, and medications to decrease acid production, to diminish throat-clearing, and to stop coughing, all of which can worsen the granuloma. If necessary, she might even recommend surgery to remove the growths. Dr. Yagoda prefers a holistic, integrative approach to the treatment of granulomas. If only surgery is performed and no lifestyle changes are put into effect, there is a high risk of regrowth.

    Papillomas are a similarly sized and -located type of growths in the larynx, but they are caused by a virus. Many people are familiar with HPV, which stands for human papilloma virus. Certain strains of HPV tend to cause papilloma lesions in the throat. The virus is generally transmitted through person-to-person contact.

    Much like granulomas, papillomas also tend to grow back even after surgical removal. The treatment for papillomas is more complex than that of granulomas, since there is no cure for the virus. Ask Dr. Yagoda about state-of-the-art treatments for papilloma.

    If you or someone you know has a voice disorder, you can call Dr. Yagoda, an otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat physician and surgeon) specializing in care of the voice. You can visit her Manhattan, New York City (NYC) office or call now for a comprehensive consultation.

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