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    Sleep Apnea Treatments

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    If you’re one of the estimated 28 million Americans suffering from sleep apnea, there are many treatment options for you to consider. Dr. Yagoda is able to offer her patients a full spectrum of treatment options for sleep apnea, and she can help you develop a comprehensive and integrative treatment plan to restore free breathing and restful sleep.

    Lifestyle Changes

    For mild forms of sleep apnea, sometimes all it takes is a few lifestyle adjustments to help you breathe better during the night. These changes can include, depending on your condition, a weight loss plan, sleep position and nasal hygiene suggestions, and a limitation or elimination of alcohol, painkillers, and other substances that might be depressing your central nervous system and suppressing the impulse to take deep breaths.

    Natural, Pharmacological, and Alternative Therapies

    If lifestyle changes do not make a difference in your sleep apnea, it may be worth considering natural, pharmacological, and alternative therapies, which can include neti pots, sinus irrigations, oral antihistamines, mucolytics, nasal steroids, decongestants, acupuncture, biofeedback therapy, and stress reduction.

    C.P.A.P. and/or Provent Nasal Treatments

    Nasal appliances such as Provent, and C.P.A.P. (continuous positive airway pressure) devices work by gently pushing air past any airway limitations via a device that increases air pressure and flow. C.P.A.P.–continuous positive airway pressure—is generally delivered via a mask that fits over the nose and mouth. While some patients find this comfortable, others find it claustrophobic or cumbersome. Provent is a relatively new treatment that also delivers increased pressure but it is worn only in the nostrils, leaving the face and mouth free. While this is less bulky, it may only work for patients who are nose breathers. It is not as effective for those who breathe through their mouths. In addition, people with allergies, deviated septums, enlarged turbinates, nasal polyps, and sometimes those with chronic sinus disease do not find relief with Provent, but do better with surgical options that can definitively relieve obstructions. While Provent is smaller and more comfortable than the C.P.A.P. machine, it is also more costly.

    Traditional Surgery

    When sleep apnea is caused by nasal obstruction, surgery can relieve the obstruction. When apnea is caused or contributed to by airway obstruction between the nose and mouth, or between the mouth and throattonsil, uvula, or adenoid, surgery may also be of help.

    Endoscopic Surgery

    Through tiny, lighted, and microscopic equipment via the nose—with no external incision necessary—the sinuses are directly visualized with magnification and definitively corrected. There is no bruising and no change to the external appearance of the face or nose.

    Balloon Procedure with XprESS from Entellus, and Relieva from Acclarent

    Balloon sinus surgeries are a new type of minimally-invasive, office-based procedure that, when performed by trained ENT surgeons, can instantaneously and effectively unblock nasal sinuses. If you have been diagnosed with recurrent acute or chronic sinusitis and/or sleep apnea that has not responded to medication and want a treatment option that is safe, immediate, effective, and less invasive than traditional sinus surgery, balloon sinus surgery may be a good option to consider.

    Balloon surgery involves inserting a small plastic balloon into the sinuses in order to drain them, and then removing the balloon. Unlike traditional surgery, it requires no cutting and no removal of any bone or tissue from the nose or sinuses. It also generally has a faster recovery rate and can be performed either under local anesthesia with or without sedation, either in the office or in the hospital. Balloon-assisted sinus surgery is FDA-approved and has safely helped hundreds of thousands of patients with their sinusitis symptoms.

    Dr. Yagoda is pleased to offer the XprESS sinus balloon procedure from ENT Stryker (formerly Entellus Medical) and Relieva from Acclarent, as part of her integrative approach to treating sinus disease. Schedule a consultation to learn more about these new balloon sinus surgery procedures, and Dr. Yagoda will determine whether they may be good options for you.

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