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    Sometimes, it isn’t just the aging process that causes facial skin to hang in unappealing folds and jowls. There are medical problems, such as drooping submandibular glands, that can cause fullness under the chin and add bulk to the jawline and neck. Ironically, a facelift can sometimes make their presence even more apparent.

    Drooping submandibular glands, also referred to as ptotic submandibular glands, are salivary glands located on either side of and beneath the jawline that have fallen and become droopy with age. Glands that are enlarged may also be pronounced.

    After facelifts or facial liposculpture, when loose tissue and fat that previously hid the glands is removed, these sagging glands become more noticeable.  They continue to contribute to fullness under the chin and a less than ideal jaw/neckline.

    Correcting a drooping (ptotic) submandibular gland is challenging and most procedures are high-risk with only short-term success.  This is because a lifting and tightening procedure may inhibit the flow of saliva from the gland to the mouth, which can cause pain and swelling.  However, in patients with normal-sized ptotic glands a new technique called Basket Submandibular Gland Suspension has been found to offer long-term results with minimal complications. Here, two sutures form the “basket” that lifts and supports the gland back into place, recreating a smooth jawline.

    To determine if this procedure might be appropriate for you, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Yagoda at her New York/ NYC/ Manhattan office. As both a facial plastic surgeon and ear, nose and throat surgeon, she offers the latest surgical and non-surgical functional and aesthetic treatments for her patients.

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