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    Best Neck Liposuction in New York, NYC, and Manhattan

    Facial liposuction removes localized deposits of fat under the chin, along the jaw, and in the center of the neck. It’s an excellent treatment for removing double chins and defining the jawline, making the neck appear more slender and elegant.

    The Procedure

    The procedure itself, performed in Dr. Yagoda’s NYC/ Manhattan office-based surgical suite under local anesthesia, is very simple. Tiny incisions (so small that they typically don’t require sutures to close) are made in the treatment area. A thin cannula extracts the excess fat. For best results, neck liposuction can be combined with other procedures including a neck lift and chin augmentation.


    Best of all, there are no visible scars from neck liposuction and recovery is rapid! Although you might have a little swelling, you can generally return to work and most normal activities within five days. You might have to wait ten days before resuming strenuous exercise.


    Like all surgery, neck liposuction carries certain risks including anesthesia reactions and infection. Dr. Yagoda will explain all the potential complications and risks during your consultation at her Ney York/ NYC/ Manhattan.

    As both an otolaryngologist (doctor specializing in the care of the ear, nose, and throat) and a facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Yagoda is a true expert in creating balanced, proportionate features for her patients. To determine if you might benefit from facial liposuction, please contact our office to schedule your comprehensive consultation.

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    Flying In

    From Quebec to Qatar, Dr. Yagoda’s patients come to Manhattan and New York City (NYC) from all over the world.  Find out how we can help you get here from abroad.

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