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    Hearing Loss Testing & Evaluation in New York, NY & NYC

    Hearing is essential to our daily lives. There isn’t a moment of our day that we aren’t using our sense of hearing to communicate and make sense of our environment. Yet, as invaluable as hearing might be, we aren’t always aware that our ability to hear well is diminishing.

    Symptoms of hearing loss may be hard to recognize. Friends and relatives might complain that you’re not listening or you might notice that you’re shying away from social gatherings because you’re having difficulty following the conversations, especially when there’s background noise. Perhaps the TV or radio seems unusually loud to others when you find it barely audible. A hearing evaluation might be necessary.

    In New York, NY and New York City (NYC), Dr. Yagoda offers a hearing evaluation using sophisticated tests that not only determine if hearing loss is present, but also help pinpoint probable causes of that loss. As an otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat physician) as well as a facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Yagoda is able to offer her patients the finest in all aspects of medical and aesthetic care for the ear, nose, and throat from her New York City (NYC)/ Manhattan office.

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