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    Cleft Nose & Lip Deformity

    Did you know that Dr. Yagoda can correct asymmetry of the nostril rim or lip height and even correct a cleft scar? As a facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Yagoda sometimes uses injectable fillers and neurotoxins to achieve non-surgical correction of facial asymmetries.

    Cleft lip and/or palate is a very common birth defect that occurs in utero when facial features are forming.  It may present many challenges including difficulty feeding, susceptibility to middle ear infections, delayed or impaired speech development, abnormal dental development, and a broad psychological impact.

    Treatment requires a team approach with multiple staged procedures and a skilled plastic surgeon to correct structural defects and asymmetrical features.

    As an otolaryngologist, Dr. Yagoda provides care of the structure and function of the ears, nose and throat.   As a facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Yagoda pays astute attention to critical aesthetic details and often uses non-surgical methods such as fillers and neurotoxins as an adjunct to surgery to assure symmetry with great finesse.

    To determine if you might benefit from a secondary cleft nose procedure, call Dr. Yagoda today to schedule your personal comprehensive plastic surgery consultation in her New York, NY office.

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