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    Otoplasty or “Ear Pinning” Surgery in Manhattan, New York

    Otoplasty for children - ears that stick out - New York NYCOtoplasty or “ear pinning,” is a surgical procedure that corrects the ear’s size and/or position. It is often performed on children because the ears generally finish growing at age 6 and prominent ears often invite cruel comments that can leave a lasting impact. Of course, adults can and do have otoplasty performed.

    Dr. Yagoda based in Manhattan, New York is both an otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat specialist) and a facial plastic surgeon. She performs an otoplasty by making an incision behind the ear, hiding it in the fold where the ear joins the head. Excess cartilage and skin are removed or trimmed into a more aesthetically appropriate shape. The ears are then “pinned” into place with permanent sutures. Following surgery, mild discomfort can be treated with pain relievers. There are no visible scars.

    To determine if otoplasty might be appropriate for you or your child, please call our New York/ NYC/ Manhattan office to schedule your comprehensive consultation.

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