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How young is too young to get eye surgery?

Eye surgery with NYC plastic surgeonASK DOCTOR YAGODA

Question: How young is too young to get eye surgery? I’m only 28 but I’ve always had these dark circles under my eyes and my top eyelid is invisible with my eyes open. I live in the city so I’m very close to your New York office.

Answer: Unlike surgery to pin the ears back or to change the shape of the nose, there is no minimum age for eyelid surgery.  (Ear and nose surgery can be safely considered only after each has respectively reached its full adult size–for the ear it is after age six, and for the nose it is after puberty). Eyelid surgery can be done safely at any age.  But, rejuvenating the eye area does not necessarily require surgeryBotox/Dysport, peels, lasers and fillers can rejuvenate the eye area non-surgically.  A full exam is necessary in order to assess skin elasticity and to evaluate the cause of bulging and dark circles in the lower eyelid.  Make sure that you consider all of your options before you commit to a surgery that you may not need!