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Going to the beach for Labor Day? Be camera ready!

Are you traveling to the beach this upcoming weekend for one summer last hurrah? If so, here are three things you can do to look like a camera-ready celebrity, straight from beauty expert  Dr. Michelle Yagoda:

1.  Hair:  Did you know that hand lotion is a great frizz tamer and curl setter? That’s right! Just put some in your hands, rub them together and apply it to your hair when you get out of the pool or shower. You’ll have cover-girl glamorous, beach tousled hair in an instant.

2. Nails:  While not necessarily safe for everyday use, there’s nothing quite like a gel manicure and/or gel pedicure to keep your nails in tiptop, shiny shape — even through sand and salt!

3. Eyes:  Here’s a secret tip recently learned by Dr. Yagoda from celebrity make up artist extraordinaire, Julie Morgan! Apply Chantecaille black eyeliner pen to line your upper lid (she said it was nearly indelible… and it is day five and counting!). Next, glue Ardell short flare lashes with duo lash glue in black to your upper eyelid (or, have a professional makeup artist do it for you!). Then, leave it there for up to two weeks! Voila! Who knew? You can wash your face each evening and even wash the eye shadow off of the upper eyelids. According to Julie, this will last for a full two weeks!

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Karen B asks:  I am 49 years old and thinking about eyelift surgery, but none of my friends have had it yet and I am afraid. Can you tell me how much pain I should expect and how much time off I will Portrait of attractive woman smiling with finger on lip against white backgroundneed?  Also, can I combine my surgery with my beach vacation during the recovery period?

Answer:   Good news, Karen…eyelift surgery for droopy upper lids is one of the easiest cosmetic surgeries to recover from because it is virtually painless!  Numbness from surgery lasts long after the anesthetic wears off.  In fact, it takes about three weeks for the skin’s sensory nerves to regain feeling.   So, aside from eyelid heaviness (from swelling), you shouldn’t be at all uncomfortable. But, even though you may feel great, and even though you may be raring to go, you have just had surgery.  You need to take some time off to heal — five-to-seven days to be exact.  During this time, you can shop, dine, and walk to your heart’s content, albeit with some restrictions.  No carrying a heavy purse while shopping, and no lifting purchases weighing more than ten pounds.  You can choose any food on the menu, but no alcohol!  And, you can walk for as far and as long as you desire, but no matter how great you feel, you shouldn’t gather your swimsuit or boarding pass.  No flying because changes in air pressure can cause bleeding and delay healing, and no beach because the sun can permanently darken the incision line.

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