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Can I get a brow lift with an eyelid lift or only one at a time?

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Question: I’m a 55 year-old male living in Manhattan, and my father left me with deep forehead wrinkles that never smooth out. My top eyelids also sag down more than they used to and I’m starting to develop bags… My question is, can I get a brow lift with an eyelid lift or only one at a time?

Answer: You can have them both at the same time.  Or, you can have non-surgical, total eyelid rejuvenation technique using Botox/Dysport for the forehead wrinkles (provided that the brow is at or above the bony ridge above your upper eyelid) and surgery for the upper eyelids.

Erase your Angry Bird Look

Some aestheticians are calling it the “Angry Bird Look”- the frown lines that grace us with age, the two 11’s right above your nose and between your eyebrows. 7

There are many ways to erase these wrinkles, both non-surgically with Botox and surgically with a brow lift.

Come see Dr. Yagoda in Manhattan to determine which is right for you…because who wants to look like an iPhone game?

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