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Put Dimples Where They Belong!

When you think of the word “dimple,” hopefully you picture cute dimples on the face and not the other (and much less pleasant!) “body dimples” known by another name: cellulite. While no one wants to see dimples on her legs or derriere, many women (and men) think dimples on the face are cute.  Dr. Michelle Yagoda can help you reduce body dimples and add the face dimples you have always wanted using the simple math principles of addition and subtraction — and a few of her own special formulas, of course!

To combat cellulite dimples on buttocks and thighs, Dr. Yagoda prescribes the following formula for dimple subtraction: 1) living an active lifestyle that emphasizes exercise (blood flow increases stimulation of fat tissues); 2) eating well (versus consistent dieting); 3) scheduling regular massages with deep lymphatic drainage; and 4) using topical skin care products with active ingredients like those in resolutionMD’s cellulite kit. However, everyone knows that, while living a health-conscious lifestyle is essential to fighting aging and its associated skin changes, it isn’t a cure-all for cellulite. Ultimately, the genes you inherit predict your dimples — both those on your bottom and your face!

If you want to add dimples to your face, then see Dr. Yagoda!  As an expert facial plastic surgeon, she offers dimple creation, a popular and relatively simple surgical procedure that can be done in her office under local anesthesia in less than an hour.

Subtract some, add others….hmmm.  Sounds like the law of conservation for dimples!  Maybe we’re on to something….?