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The Best 4 Places to Live for Fabulous Skin and Great Hair

According to an article in TotalBeauty.com, where you live can affect how you look!  The authors suggest that hair typically looks best in locations with low humidity, minimal pollution, little rainfall, reduced wind speed, soft water and a high concentration of hair salons!  They also note that skin typically looks best in cities with minimal pollution, reduced sunshine, sparse tanning salons, moderate humidity, low number of smokers and little stress.  Here are their top ten lists by category:

For Best SkinHand-colored Map of the USA
1. Anchorage, Alaska – no pollution, only 41% of days are sunny, moderate humidity and low rates of skin cancer
2. Bismark, North Dakota
3. Honolulu, Hawaii – pollution free, few tanning salons, moderate humidity, consistent weather
4. Flagstaff, Arizona
5. Billings, Montana
6. New York – minimal tanning salons, 58% of days are sunny, average humidity, low skin cancer rates
7. San Antonio, Texas
8. Washington, D.C.
9. San Francisco, California – little sunshine, sparse tanning beds, consistent weather, lowest smoking rates
10. Cheyenne, Wyoming

For Best Hair
1. Santa Barbara, California
2. Honolulu, Hawaii – clear air, soft water, lots of salons, consistent weather
3. San Diego, California
4. Anchorage, Alaska – lack of pollution, minimal wind, soft water
5. San Francisco, California – most consistent weather, soft water, minimal wind, high concentration of salons
6. New York – perfect water for hair, most salons per zip code in the country
7. Miami, Florida
8. Los Angeles, California
9. Denver, Colorado
10. Boston, Massachusetts

Based on the data from TotalBeauty.com, you should live in Anchorage, Honolulu, New York or San Francisco, if you, your skin and hair want the external, environmental factors in your favor.   But don’t forget….beauty is an external reflection of internal health and wellness too!  Eat a healthy diet, get plenty of sleep, control your stress, stimulate your mind, surround yourself with positive relationships….and when all else fails, you’ve got BeautyScoop, injectables and plastic surgery to offer a helping hand!