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Moderna mRNA vaccine needs to do an about face!

Didn’t anyone tell it to target COVID-19 not facial filler!

Yes, you heard it right. The Moderna vaccine has distinguished itself from the Pfizer vaccine yet again. But, after gaining a point in the competitive scoring for easier storage and transport, it lost a point in side effects. Recently, Moderna noted that there were three reports of facial swelling in the area of facial fillers–two patients who had filler six weeks before their vaccine, and one who had filler two days after the vaccine. All were treated for the facial swelling with either steroids or non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (think Advil, etc.) and symptoms fully resolved. So, no big deal, right? All’s well that ends well?

Well, maybe. But, to assess that, you might want to understand what exactly caused the reaction. Prior vaccines worked by giving a teeny-tiny dose of the actual virus to the body and letting the immune cells figure out on their own, how to launch an attack. Moderna and Pfizer’s mRNA vaccines work differently. They each send specific information into the body in advance that directly teaches the immune responder cells how to attack the COVID-19 virus. Shortly after the information is received, the body’s immune cells begin to practice launching an attack.

Herein lies the problem. After the vaccine, the immune system is on high alert. It is looking for an enemy to attack. And, Moderna’s vaccine has in very rare instances prompted the immune cells to find and attack the harmless but foreign facial filler. All things considered, the risk of serious side effects of COVID-19 infection is both more common and more grave. Overall: It’s simply a scary but thankfully not serious case of mistaken identity!