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A Diet to Live Longer

A Diet to Live Longer?

Maybe! According to research being done at Harvard University, the “Mediterranean diet” has received even more accolades. Having already been linked to a decreased risk of chronic disease and cancer, this diet is now being associated with longer “telomeres,” – biomarkers of aging.

Telomere-shortening is linked to shorter lives. Shortening is accelerated by stress and inflammation, and the Mediterranean diet has been proven to reduce inflammation, thus possibly lengthening telomeres.

Although all healthy eating helped lengthen telomeres, the Mediterranean diet showed the best results. It is a simple diet based off of healthy oils, fish, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Considering it tastes good as well, why not give it a shot?

Drinking Coffee Not Only Keeps You Awake Longer, But May Also Keep You Alive Longer!

If sipping on a hot cup of coffee in the morning is one of your simple pleasures, you’ll be happy to learn that coffee may also add years to your life. People who live on the Greek Island of Ikaria are known for their long life expectancies, and researchers have been studying the islanders to learn the reason why.

According to a recent reportpublished in the New York Times, one explanation may be the coffee they drink. This boiled coffee appears to produce antioxidants and they found that the older islanders who drank the boiled coffee had better functioning endothelial cells (cells line the interior surface of blood vessels throughout the circulatory system).

However, it is important to note that coffee is only one factor that may be contributing to the islanders’ longevity. Researchers plan to conduct further studies to discover how the island’s water, minerals and air quality might also be playing a role.

Did You Know … Housework Helps You Live Longer!

You may think that cleaning the house is a tedious task, but recent studies suggest household chores are beneficial to your health. Researchers found that physical activity, even at a low level, can increase life expectancy. So next time you do the dishes, your heart is thanking you even if your family ISN’T.

If you’re wondering exactly how many calories you’re burning, it depends on the intensity of your housework and your weight. According to HealthStatus.com online calculator, a person who weighs 160 lbs will burn about 211 calories during 60 minutes of housework, whereas a person weighing 200 lbs will burn more than 260 calories.