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Obesity causes Hearing Loss

Myth or Medical Miracle?

True!  It is a real risk. A recent study in Laryngoscope, referenced in The New York Times, showed that there is a clear connection between obesity and hearing loss in adolescents.   What doesn’t obesity cause?  Obesity affects 18.5% of American teens and is responsible for $117 billion in medical care yearly in the US alone.

But with well-known connections between obesity and heart disease, diabetes and premature death, this connection to hearing loss is a new bothersome but less life-threatening concern.  Researchers believe that inflammation in the hearing system is the cause for hearing loss.  This inflammation is associated with obesity.  They suggest that as time goes on, hearing loss may progress. Don’t lose hope though! They also believe that early weight loss can prevent the progression.

Dr. Yagoda, an otolarynologist, can evaluate you if you think you are experiencing hearing loss. She can help musicians and others protect their hearing as well.  Come in for a consultation and fuel your body with knowledge to continue hearing life’s music!

Exercising the Mind Can Improve Well-Being

Eating a healthy diet and challenging your body on a daily basis certainly can improve the way you look and feel. But did you know that exercising your brain can also improve your well-being?

According to a recent study, mental training can stimulate changes not only in brain functioning, but also in the structure of the brain itself. Researchers found that people who think positive thoughts secrete hormones that help the body heal faster and function better. And, people who challenge their memory and expand their intellectual horizons, gain increased brain matter and better physical and mental function.

Prevent the Flu with these 10 Natural Immune System Boosters

While many people turn to over-the-counter medication to relieve their illnesses, the answer to fighting the flu is not always in your medicine cabinet. Cold and flu prevention can be as simple as making a few lifestyle changes. By practicing healthy habits, you’ll protect yourself and those around you from getting sick. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

As an otolaryngologist, Dr. Yagoda offers her patients comprehensive diagnosis for all ear, nose, and throat conditions and provides a full spectrum of treatment options to ensure optimal health and wellness. Having an integrated approach to ear, nose, throat, voice, and facial medicine as well as beauty and aesthetics – Dr. Yagoda understands the importance of uniting mind-body connections with traditional medicine and surgery for optimal health, beauty and wellness.

Did You Know … Housework Helps You Live Longer!

You may think that cleaning the house is a tedious task, but recent studies suggest household chores are beneficial to your health. Researchers found that physical activity, even at a low level, can increase life expectancy. So next time you do the dishes, your heart is thanking you even if your family ISN’T.

If you’re wondering exactly how many calories you’re burning, it depends on the intensity of your housework and your weight. According to HealthStatus.com online calculator, a person who weighs 160 lbs will burn about 211 calories during 60 minutes of housework, whereas a person weighing 200 lbs will burn more than 260 calories.