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Beauty is Back at MAC

MAC makeup will be launching new colors and products soon, like Beauty is BackMetal-X cream shadows and Extra Dimension powdered shadows. Many women are fans of the extended wear MAC provides.

However, always make sure make-up is noncomedogenic so it doesn’t clog pores, leading to unwanted pimples and unsightly blackheads.

Keep skin healthy and safe by remembering to completely remove makeup before bed so that skin is glowing in the morning.

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Imperfect Makeup is a Trend for 2012

Imperfect Makeup is a Trend for 2012This year’s beauty trend is “coming home from the party.” That’s right ladies, tousled hair, smudged eyeliner, and dewy lips are in. The best part? Freeing up time to beautify elsewhere. Natural is all the rave and Dr. Yagoda understands natural. All-natural BeautyScoop is the fastest, easiest way to get beautiful, shiny locks, strong, sexy nails, and the glowing skin you’ve always wanted for that “I look beautiful straight out of bed” look.

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