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What is your face telling you?

Have you ever wondered what is causing that recurring zit on your chin? Or the rash on your cheeks? You may not have to wonder any more! While Chinese medicine practitioners have diagnosed medical problems based on facial symptoms for hundreds of years, Western researchers recently confirmed what Eastern healers have long known:  the condition of our skin reveals a great deal about our physical and emotional health.  In fact, like parts of the foot (think reflexology), segments of the face are also linked to parts of the body.  Each part of the face (cheeks, mouth, chin, forehead and between the eyebrows) can be linked to an corresponding underlying health concern.

What is your face telling you? Here’s how to find out.

Beauty is Back at MAC

MAC makeup will be launching new colors and products soon, like Beauty is BackMetal-X cream shadows and Extra Dimension powdered shadows. Many women are fans of the extended wear MAC provides.

However, always make sure make-up is noncomedogenic so it doesn’t clog pores, leading to unwanted pimples and unsightly blackheads.

Keep skin healthy and safe by remembering to completely remove makeup before bed so that skin is glowing in the morning.

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