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From “Selfie” to Surgery?

“Selfie:” A word that is very common with smartphone users! Ellen Degeneres’ Oscar selfie is not only the most tweeted picture of all time, it is an example of the increased interest in these types of photos. According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, one in three plastic surgeons say more people are asking for cosmetic procedures directly because of their increased self-awareness through social media. Survey participants say they want to “look better online.” Between 2012 and 2013, there was a 10 percent rise in rhinoplasty, 7 percent rise in hair transplants, and 6 percent rise in eyelid surgeries.

According to the president of AAFPRS, apps like Instagram and Snapchat “force patients to hold a microscope up to their own image … and look at it with a more self-critical eye.” These images are often the first impressions that friends, families, and even prospective employers see! As can be expected, the rise in numbers is mostly attributed to people under 30, since they are the users who have been impacted the most by social media.

Although women are still much more likely to visit a plastic surgeon – asking mostly for face lifts, eye lifts, and Botox injections – men are seeing growing numbers, too. Both sexes are interested in eliminating wrinkles!

People have always become more self-critical when the camera is turned on them, but this is different: We are turning the cameras on ourselves!

Really? A 3-D Printer Can Make an Ear?

Bioengineers and physicians at New York Presbyterian, formerly Cornell University Medical Center, have successfully used a 3-D printer with injectable gels made of living cells to create an artificial ear that looks like a human ear. Now that’s a win-win for medicine and science!

For people who were born without an ear (atresia), people born with a partial ear (microtia) and people who lost part or all of an ear from trauma or cancer, surgeons have long been using implants and grafts to reconstruct the ear. This 3-D artificial ear, made from living cells, is a major advance in that the reconstruction is likely to be more symmetric, more realistic and less likely to be rejected. Doctors and researchers predict that the first human implant of an artificial ear created by a 3-D printer may occur in as little as 3 years!

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Have you or anyone you know seen Dr. Google?

Are you looking for a good female diagnostician? It turns out many Americans are. But if you also skip your doctor’s visit and simply “google” your symptoms for diagnosis you might want to know this: according to a recent study, 35% of American adults said they went online to diagnose a medical condition for themselves or someone else. But Dr. Google is not a substitute for the real thing. While it’s cheaper than going in-network, the ultimate cost may be higher if you end up with the wrong diagnosis.

As a facial plastic surgeon and otolaryngologist, Dr. Yagoda has a full complement of tools to help her patients achieve their aesthetic and functional goals while implementing lifestyle changes that enable them to enjoy optimal health.

Teen Plastic Surgery On The Rise

Everyone wants to look great for the prom!  And since online photos will likely document that special day for an eternity, it’s no wonder that more and more teens are seeking plastic surgery before the prom.

Chin implants and nose jobs are common, as are ear pinnings or “otoplasty” to enhance an “updo” hairstyle.

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Young Women: Vocal Trendsetters

Young Women: Vocal Trendsettershe New York Times pointed out in a recent article that young women often get teased due to their vocal affectations–but actually, they may be using these techniques (such as vocal fry and “uptalk”) in more sophisticated ways than we think.

As the article quotes, “The truth is this: Young women take linguistic features and use them as power tools for building relationships.”

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Imperfect Makeup is a Trend for 2012

Imperfect Makeup is a Trend for 2012This year’s beauty trend is “coming home from the party.” That’s right ladies, tousled hair, smudged eyeliner, and dewy lips are in. The best part? Freeing up time to beautify elsewhere. Natural is all the rave and Dr. Yagoda understands natural. All-natural BeautyScoop is the fastest, easiest way to get beautiful, shiny locks, strong, sexy nails, and the glowing skin you’ve always wanted for that “I look beautiful straight out of bed” look.

Read more about the latest fashion trend in a 2012 article entitled  “You Can Fall Out of Bed and Look Good.”

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