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Face the Facts: Gifts of Cosmetic Surgery Increase 25-30%

With the holiday season coming to a close, gift trend reports are coming in. What was one of the biggest gift-giving growth margins of 2013? Plastic surgery! According to major news channels, the gifting of cosmetic surgery increased 25-30%. This included both cosmetic surgeries/treatments and gift cards to be used in plastic surgeons’ offices. The number of procedures done without being given as gifts rose in December, too – which is good, since taking a little time to care for ourselves has been shown to be essential for our happiness. We deserve it!

Dr. Michelle Yagoda, expert celebrity facial plastic surgeon, offers the following quick, popular procedures in her office:

1.  Botox/Dysport/Xeomin: Excellent for crows feet wrinkles, forehead furrows, and neck lines, these injectables offer quick and completely natural looking results. Although the three are similar, they all have different qualities: Dr. Yagoda will be sure to help you select the one that’s best for you!

2.  Fillers (Perlane/Restylane/Juvederm/Radiesse/Sculptura/Belotero, etc): Fillers “fill” out wrinkles, and they also do more! They are very good at smoothing skin and adding volume to lips,eyes, cheeks and jowls.  They can be used in non-surgical rhinoplasty and chin augmentation and can eliminate the tired look associated with lower eyelid bags.  Dr. Yagoda even offers a non-surgical facelift using fillers that has instant results without the downtime of traditional surgery!

3.   Intense Pulsed Laser Therapy (IPL): Great for both permanent hair reduction and skin rejuvenation, IPL therapy helps improve or eliminate problems including broken capillaries, rosacea, sun spots and damage, and more. A totally non-invasive treatment done in less than an hour, IPL’s many uses make it a very popular cosmetic choice.

Although the largest gift spike is in December, Valentine’s Day isn’t too far behind! Give a loved one (and yourself) the gift of beauty. You’ll both love your results!

3 Last Minute Holiday Beauty Treats You Deserve during Your Lunch Hour!

If you are like most people, your holiday social calendar is filled with parties, fundraisers, work events and family gatherings. While some people have taken the time to prepare ahead to dazzle friends, families and colleagues, many of us find ourselves wondering if there is anything we can to in the eleventh hour to stop the clock and turn back the hands of time?  If you work hard at a paying (or non-paying!) job, and want a quick, easy and affordable way to look better for the holidays, here’s what you deserve during your lunch hour:

1.  If holiday photos always seem to capture that dreaded bump on your nose, then ask Dr. Yagoda to make immediate, natural and noticeable changes with a non-surgical rhinoplasty.  This time and cost efficient fix will give you a straighter, more balanced and refined nose. Dr. Yagoda uses injectable fillers to camouflage depressions, eliminate bumps, and even change the appearance of the tip and nostrils—all in a quick office procedure that doesn’t require general anesthesia, bandages, or recovery time.  In addition to looking great, you get to “try on” the results before committing to a permanent surgical result!

2.  If people tell you that you look angry, tired or worried, when you are content and well-rested, it’s time for a treatment with Dysport. This Botox competitor erases crows’ feet, angry lines and worry lines in as early as 24 hours!  Look refreshed and stress-free faster even before you sip that Margarita, under a palm tree in St. Lucia.

3. Gray may be the new navy or the new black, but it is never the new skin color to covet!  If your skin is looking gray and sallow, restore the radiance, and get glowing, clear and tighter skin with a peel.  With no downtime and no pain, this treatment is a must for anyone who wants to wear winter white!

Love the way you look this holiday season and at the same time take comfort in knowing that annoying aunt Sally and your sister-in-law Karen won’t have anything to criticize.  You’ll see the loving grin in your father ‘s eyes when he is equally smitten by your brains and your beauty.  And, who know?  Maybe this time, your boss will pay closer attention when you ask for the raise you deserve!  Happy Holiday!  Enjoy the power of beauty!