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10 Surprising Facts About Stress

In today’s hectic, fast-paced world, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by stress and have negative thoughts when things don’t go as planned. The good news is that there are numerous techniques you can use to combat stress. Did you know that smiling is an antidote to stress? Or that bringing your dog to work can boost employee satisfaction and lower stress levels? To honor National Stress Awareness Month, we’d like to explore the impact stress has in our lives by taking a look at these 10 interesting new findings that have been discovered over the past year.

Dr. Yagoda recommends incorporating a variety of stress reduction techniques in your lifestyle to manage your stress, including meditation, yoga, ample and restful sleep, biofeedback, a healthy diet, and moderate exercise. As a facial plastic surgeon and otolaryngologist, she offers her patients a full spectrum of treatment options for optimal health and wellness. Providing an integrated approach-to beauty, aesthetics, ear, nose, throat, voice, and facial medicine – Dr. Yagoda understands the importance of uniting mind-body connections with traditional medicine and surgery for optimal health, beauty and wellness.

Did You Know…Not All Low Paying Jobs Are Low Stress

Is your job stressing you out? If you’re looking for a career change, you may want to consider checking out this list.

After reviewing 200 careers, CareerCast.com>, compiled a list of the most and least stressful jobs based on 11 stress factors (i.e. environmental conditions, physical demands, travel, own life at risk, etc.) Researchers found that people with the least stressful careers were often provided with positive feedback. Under such conditions, these people were generally content. Interestingly, the opposite is true for the most stressful careers. While people with stressful jobs are typically not content, the chances are much higher that they’ll get paid more.

Would you guess a photojournalist made the least stressful or most stressful list? How about a public relations executive? What you read may surprise you.

Stress can also affect you physically

We’ve all heard the claim that constant stress can affect your 2physical well-being in addition to your mental health.

A recent New York Times article discussed the science behind how elevated levels of cortisol (aka “the stress hormone”) lead to the body developing a resistance, which can then make you more susceptible to illness.

This is why Dr. Yagoda believes it is important to educate her patients on lifestyle changes, including stress management, for whole-body wellness.

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Opposites Attract

Opposites AttractIt’s a known fact that opposites attract. If you are strongly affectionate and your partner is not, there is still hope for your relationship.

Dr. Yagoda understand the impact of healthy relationships on emotional and physical health.

Healthy relationships, healthy lifestyles, and stress management are all linked to beauty and wellness.

Feeling healthy and well on the inside will help you project your beauty to the world.

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Elderly ‘Experts’ Share Life Advice in Cornell Project

Elderly ‘Experts’ Share Life Advice in Cornell ProjectAging can be a beautiful thing. Integrate health and beauty and you’re set.

Be sure to manage your stress levels (it’s a silent killer), contribute to healthy relationships while avoiding relationships that make you unhappy, eat well, take vitamins, and stop smoking (it’s known to cause wrinkles!).

Above all else, listen to elderly advise. Their knowledge can be invaluable according to a recent article entitled “Advice From Life’s Graying Edge on Finishing With No Regrets”.

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