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Young, healthy people don’t need to be vaccinated because the flu is only dangerous for infants and the elderly.


Myth! Many people think that if you are young and healthy, it’s unnecessary to get a flu vaccine. However, this could not be farther from the truth. The flu is a viral disease that could send even the healthiest person to the hospital, so you may want to get your vaccine if you haven’t done so already! Even if you are at a lower risk of suffering flu complications, a vaccine may not only protect you, but also may protect the people around you from getting sick.

As an otolaryngologist, Dr. Yagoda offers her patients comprehensive diagnosis for all ear, nose, and throat conditions and provides an integrative treatment plan incorporating everything from natural and alternative remedies, lifestyle changes, dietary and nutritional support, to injectables, lasers and surgery.  She can help you decide if a flu vaccine is right for you.

What happens when toenails age?

Have you ever noticed that people’s toenails thicken with age, even though fingernails don’t? Why is that?  If you thought it was all caused by toe fungus, you’d be wrong! Read what Dr. Richard K. Scher, head of the nail section at Weill Cornell Medical College, has to say about the changes that happen to toenails over time in this interesting NY Times article, Toenails and Time, long-term trauma, impaired circulation, stress are the culprits!

Did Dolly Parton go under the knife again?

Dolly Parton is 66 years old, and with over 10 cosmetic Did Dolly Parton go under the knife againenhancements (surgical and non-surgical) under her belt, is this superstar country singer getting ready for another upgrade?

People are speculating whether Dolly’s gone under the knife again for her latest film, Joyful Noise.

What do you think?

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Elderly ‘Experts’ Share Life Advice in Cornell Project

Elderly ‘Experts’ Share Life Advice in Cornell ProjectAging can be a beautiful thing. Integrate health and beauty and you’re set.

Be sure to manage your stress levels (it’s a silent killer), contribute to healthy relationships while avoiding relationships that make you unhappy, eat well, take vitamins, and stop smoking (it’s known to cause wrinkles!).

Above all else, listen to elderly advise. Their knowledge can be invaluable according to a recent article entitled “Advice From Life’s Graying Edge on Finishing With No Regrets”.

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