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Tech Neck?

Myth or Medical Miracle: Is there a “tech neck?”

Is this the newest effect of the “selfie?” Whether “tech neck” — lines and wrinkles in the neck due to constant use of a smartphone/electronic device — is real depends on who you ask. According to some, people have been “looking down” for centuries (ie, on assembly lines), so it is nothing new. However, at the very least, it seems people are more aware of their necks — which is probably due to the selfie!

As many as one in three plastic surgeons say that there has been an increase in cosmetic procedures due to collective self-awareness. Neck wrinkles and sagging skin are more obvious in high-definition, and constantly looking at a phone does not help to hide these signs of aging.

What do you think? Is “tech neck” real? Or, are we just now noticing it?

Myth or Medical Miracle: Honey Helps Herpes?

The Herpes simplex type 1 virus, or HSV-1, is a virus usually acquired during childhood through direct contact of skin sores or infected secretions. Traditionally treated with medications including Acyclovir, Famvir and Valtrax, there is no cure for herpes. Treatment options aim to decrease the pain from an outbreak and help shorten the subsequent healing time.

In a study released February 2014, a more natural way of treating herpes was found with very promising results! Reported by the Kerman University of Medical Sciences in Kerman, Iran, a study measuring the effects of honey, royal jelly, and acyclovir on the HSV-1 virus showed extraordinary results. Scientists found that the antiviral properties of honey and royal jelly had noticeable inhibitory effects on HSV-1 and greatly decreased the viral load. While Acyclovir had more powerful results, these two topical options provided significant benefits without the systemic risks associated with Acyclovir.

The scientists concluded that both honey and royal jelly – completely natural products – should be considered as alternatives to Acyclovir in the treatment of herpatic lesions. According to Dr. Michelle Yagoda, expert facial plastic surgeon and ENT, having more research done on natural remedies is a progressive direction the medical field is moving towards. It is hopeful that there will be an expansion of studies done on alternative medicines as more results like these are released.

Obesity causes Hearing Loss

Myth or Medical Miracle?

True!  It is a real risk. A recent study in Laryngoscope, referenced in The New York Times, showed that there is a clear connection between obesity and hearing loss in adolescents.   What doesn’t obesity cause?  Obesity affects 18.5% of American teens and is responsible for $117 billion in medical care yearly in the US alone.

But with well-known connections between obesity and heart disease, diabetes and premature death, this connection to hearing loss is a new bothersome but less life-threatening concern.  Researchers believe that inflammation in the hearing system is the cause for hearing loss.  This inflammation is associated with obesity.  They suggest that as time goes on, hearing loss may progress. Don’t lose hope though! They also believe that early weight loss can prevent the progression.

Dr. Yagoda, an otolarynologist, can evaluate you if you think you are experiencing hearing loss. She can help musicians and others protect their hearing as well.  Come in for a consultation and fuel your body with knowledge to continue hearing life’s music!

Viruses Can Kill Bacteria Causing Acne

Myth or Medical Miracle?

Medical miracle! Researchers have found a new way of killing the bacteria that causes breakouts. By isolating a group of viruses from human pores, they are able to attack a specific strain of the bacteria. Unlike antibiotics that can kill all good bacteria, this treatment targets only acne-causing bacteria in skin.

As an expert in skin care, Dr. Yagoda can share her secrets and help you select the most effective medical grade, pharmaceutical, natural and organic topical skincare products. In addition, her overall approach to beautiful skin begins from the inside out. BeautyScoop, Dr. Yagoda’s organic and natural patented and clinically proven beauty supplement, contains the essential building blocks your body needs for gorgeous skin, hair and nails.

Really? Can a Computer See Our Dreams?

Yes! With the use of new technology, scientists have figured out a way to decode the brain signals that interpret what you see when you sleep. According to a recent report published in the journal Science, fMRI scans have the ability to display the visual images in your brain while you are dreaming. In other words, researchers have discovered a method to see your dreams. They believe that despite whether you are awake or asleep, your brain uses the same mental process to interpret images.

So what is the difference between an MRI and an fMRI? An MRI scans the brain to see what the inside looks like, while an fMRI measures blood flow in different areas of the brain, each of which is responsible for different emotions and functions. Researchers found that the fMRI was approximately 60% accurate in predicting what the sleepers were seeing just before waking up.

Could this be a step towards “mind-reading”? Scientists say there is still a long way to go before they can read specific details of a dreamer’s thoughts. But we think this is interesting. Read this article to learn more and let us know what you think!

Chewing Gum Enhances Concentration

Myth or Medical Miracle?

Medical miracle! Chewing gum can serve as a quick breath freshener and some types can even clean your teeth. However, you may be surprised to learn that chewing gum can boost your concentration and improve memory. According to a new study published in the British Journal of Psychology, chewing gum can help you focus on tasks that require continuous monitoring over a long period of time

Researchers conducted a health-related memory test that involved listening to a list of numbers read aloud in random order. Participants were scored on how accurately and quickly they were able to recall a specific number sequence. One group chewed gum during this test. Results indicated that the participants who chewed gum had a faster reaction time and a better recall of the numbers compared to those who did not chew gum.

Xylitol in sugar free gum prevents cavities

Myth or Medical Miracle?

Myth! Many popular brands of sugar free gum contain the natural sweetener, xylitol, which is known to fight the bacteria that causes cavities. Although there is evidence that sugar-free gum helps prevent cavities, additives such as xylitol are not responsible, according to a recent study. Interestingly, researchers found that the act of chewing gum is what reduces cavities, perhaps by increasing the secretion of saliva. But, don’t grab for the sugar-laden gum-the sugar still causes tooth-decay and no amount of chewing can deny that!

A recentNew York Times article talked about their surprising findings!

Can Herbal Remedies Be Safely Used During Pregnancy?


Medical Miracle! Ginger has been proven to be safe in pregnant women as a natural cure for morning sickness. During pregnancy, many women concerned about side effects of traditional medicines look for alternatives. Women may be surprised to learn that most herbal remedy options provide promised benefits, and even worse, can cause danger. However, a recent study revealed that ginger was the only herbal remedy tested to be consistently effective and safe.

Dr. Yagoda recognizes the healing properties of both traditional medicine and alternative therapies. She understands that holistic and natural therapies can often be as effective as conventional Western options such as surgery or prescription medication, with the added benefit of lowered risk and fewer side effects.

Young, healthy people don’t need to be vaccinated because the flu is only dangerous for infants and the elderly.


Myth! Many people think that if you are young and healthy, it’s unnecessary to get a flu vaccine. However, this could not be farther from the truth. The flu is a viral disease that could send even the healthiest person to the hospital, so you may want to get your vaccine if you haven’t done so already! Even if you are at a lower risk of suffering flu complications, a vaccine may not only protect you, but also may protect the people around you from getting sick.

As an otolaryngologist, Dr. Yagoda offers her patients comprehensive diagnosis for all ear, nose, and throat conditions and provides an integrative treatment plan incorporating everything from natural and alternative remedies, lifestyle changes, dietary and nutritional support, to injectables, lasers and surgery.  She can help you decide if a flu vaccine is right for you.

Lying Raises Our Nose Temperature


Many of you have heard the tale of Pinocchio, the wooden boy who nose grew longer and longer every time he told a lie. But have you heard of the “Pinocchio effect?”

Interestingly, a recent study has shown that our noses can give us away when we are lying. What you witness in a liar’s nose may be described a modern day medical miracle!

When examining the relationship between our mental state and body temperature, researchers found that a person’s nose will warm up when he or she tells a lie. With a technique called thermography, scientists used specially adapted cameras to detect infrared radiation, which produced images of objects based on heat signature. Researchers concluded that if a person misrepresents his true feelings – by telling a lie, for example– the temperature around his nose goes up. Heat causes engorgement or growth. How long after Gepetto’s discovery about Pinocchio’s nose did it take researchers to uncover the “Pinocchio effect?” Hmmm…

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