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10 Reasons to Have a Surgical Rhinoplasty

Considering a rhinoplasty? If you are, you probably have a good reason, whether it is cosmetic or functional. If you are still on the fence about it, read below for Dr. Michelle Yagoda’s expert comments on why her patients choose to have rhinoplasties. There are a lot of them: After twenty years of experience, this list isn’t even totally comprehensive!

  1. Fix a broken nose: After a nasal trauma occurs, the repercussions are not just cosmetic. Oftentimes, functional problems cause nasal airway obstruction and difficulty breathing. Although broken noses and fractures are common, they are not always easy to fix. Nasal bones need to be reset or repositioned, and the septum might need to be straightened. Additionally, the trauma from the broken nose needs to be corrected as well: Blood can become trapped in the soft tissues of the nose, compressing cartilages on the septum or the tip of the nose. Severe compression can cause the cartilage to lose its shape, strength, and even die off!
  2. Raise nose bridge: If you have a low nose bridge, you might just have to blame your genetics! Certain ethnicities and ethnic groups are more prone to low and flat noses, but, luckily, Dr. Yagoda is very proficient in addressing this cosmetic problem. When a patient wants to cosmetically address a low-bridged nose, Dr. Yagoda makes sure their “new nose” will be more balanced with their facial features. Sometimes this can be done with non-surgical rhinoplasty as well! Ever have the problem of your glasses constantly sliding off your face when you look down? This can be fixed!
  3. Lower nose bridge: On the opposite end of the spectrum, those with high-bridged noses want to make sure their nose isn’t the only facial feature they see! Again, due to certain heritages and/or genetics, noses with high bridges cause more than just cosmetic problems. Ever see two high-bridged nosed lovers try to share an intimate moment? It can get awkward!
  4. Narrow the nostrils: Although genetics and ethnicity can cause the nostrils to be wide and flat, nasal trauma can also cause them to flatten and widen. At first glance this may just seem like a cosmetic issue, but, in reality, the nostril size is very important for proper breathing. The triangle shape of the nostril contributes to the nose’s “nasal valve,” which is the “gatekeeper” of the nose. This important gatekeeper either lets enough air in, or, if the valve is compromised or collapsed, limits airflow.
  5. Change your profile: This is pretty self-explanatory! If you are not happy with how you look in the mirror, a rhinoplasty can help. Whether you’d like to change the nose you already have or correct an aging nose (perhaps it is drooping?) always ensure you and your surgeon are on the same page about what you’d like. There is nothing better than looking in the mirror and loving what you see!
  6. Make a nose smaller: Just because a nose is large does not mean it works well! Large noses and nostrils do not necessarily equal large valves, and bigger noses can have the same breathing problems as smaller noses. So, not only will you make your nose more in-line with your other facial features, you will probably breathe better!
  7. Make a nose larger: Those with short or small noses are the result of genetics or, sometimes, medical problems that are not often seen today in the United States. Because nose-lengthening cosmetic surgery entails augmenting tissue and not merely excising it, it’s one of the most challenging procedures in rhinoplasty. As you might imagine, it’s far easier for a facial plastic surgeon to remove an excess of cartilage and bone than it is to add to it. If you’re contemplating this cosmetic procedure, you’ll need the skills of a true rhinoplasty specialist such as Dr. Yagoda!
  8. Fix a breathing problem: Functional rhinoplasties can be done by themselves or in combination with a cosmetic procedure. Almost everyone knows that a deviated septum needs to be corrected, and abnormal turbinate repair is pretty common knowledge, too. However, not many know that the actual position of the nose bones can cause restricted breathing! To fix this, the surgeon needs to move the bones slightly out to allow adequate air passage.
  9. Fix a cleft nose: Cleft noses are genetic defects that occur in-utero. Treatment requires a team approach with multiple staged procedures and a skilled plastic surgeon to correct structural defects and asymmetrical features. Although the process is very long and involved, the positive results are always worth it.
  10. Fix a skin cancer: Skin cancers on the nose get tricky. They are much more complicated than other body cancers because they can be deceiving: What looks like a superficial skin cancer might actually be very deep! These deep skin cancers end up into the planes of fusion of two facial bones, i.e. the nose with cheek, nose with upper lip, or the nose with the eye. As a result, skin growths that appear to be small can cause significant destruction of the cartilage and mucus membrane below it. Although the removal of skin cancer is typically done during a MOHS surgery, oftentimes the repair requires a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon.

Can’t Sleep? Try a Sleep Buddy!

Couple’s Feet in Bed — Image by © Radius Images/Corbis

Having trouble sleeping? You aren’t alone! More than a third of US adults do not get enough sleep. Insufficient rest doesn’t just make you tired – it has many other associated health risks. If you are looking to improve your quality of life and sleep, then try resting both your mind AND body!

Getting enough sleep is an important component of reducing stress and tackling the day’s challenges. If you are sharing your bed with a companion, chances are you may think his or her presence can be disruptive to your “beauty sleep.” Worry not! As long as it isn’t snoring or sleep apnea waking you up, then sharing your bed is actually beneficial! Of course, if it is sleep apnea (a disruption of breathing) you should seek treatment. Those with allergies, deviated septums, enlarged turbinates or chronic sinus disease can all benefit from a doctor’s attention.  Whether through traditional or endoscopic surgery, fixing sleep apnea and snoring problems will ensure a more peaceful slumber.

However, if you find yourself waking up often — or just do not feel energized in the morning! — consider getting a sleeping buddy! Research shows that the “love hormone,” oxytocin, is released in greater quantities when your nighttime habits include cuddling. Oxytocin not only has physical benefits – it reduces stress, decreases blood pressure, and promotes healing – but it increases our feelings of affection for healthy relationships.

Why is this? Well, we are social creatures! Having a “protector” nearby increases sleep neurotransmitters, and it is these chemical signals that help foster a good night’s rest. So, to be the most outwardly beautiful and healthy person you can be (heaven forbid you have the face of sleep deprivation!), start with ensuring long-term health through good sleeping habits. Just don’t let your sleeping buddy hog the sheets!

The Latest Trend in Plastic Surgery: Kate Middleton’s Nose

As you can see on countless magazine covers, Kate Middleton is a well-known trendsetter in the fashion and beauty world. Everything she wears seems to sell out immediately-a phenomenon called the “Kate Effect.” But to what extent will people go to emulate the Duchess of Cambridge? According to data from one of England’s top cosmetic surgery centers, an increasing number of women are getting surgery to replicate Kate’s nose, becoming the most popular celebrity look-alike feature. Requests for her nose have tripled in the past two years. One can only guess what trend she will inspire next!

Is there a celebrity’s nose you’ve always admired? If you’re thinking rhinoplasty might be right for you, call our office to schedule your comprehensive consultation with Dr. Yagoda in her New York City office.

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Can a rhinoplasty reshape my nose only slightly?

Asian eyelid lifts in New York CityASK DOCTOR YAGODA

Question: I’m Asian and my nose is spread wide on my face and it is short. Can a rhinoplasty reshape my nose slightly without making me look American?

Answer: I am strongly committed to preserving and enhancing one’s identity, while maintaining ethnicity.  Nostrils can be made smaller with an alar base reduction and the nose can be subtly made more prominent with an implant.

I have a history of bad scars, am I still a candidate for rhinoplasty?

Dr Yagoda in New York City provides nose job surgeriesASK DR. YAGODA

Question: I’m a 35-year-old Black female with a history of bad scars. Will I still be a candidate for rhinoplasty or nose job surgery?

Answer: Yes. The good news is that the face usually heals better than any other location! In addition, many cosmetic rhinoplasty procedures can be performed by a plastic surgeon with no external scar at all.  Lastly, many new techniques can be used to reduce the likelihood of scar formation after surgery.  Bottom line?  You should be fine!

For more information about a rhinoplasty, nose job, scarless rhinoplasty procedures for natural results, or open vs closed rhinoplasty procedures, contact Dr. Yagoda at her New York City office at 212-434-1210.

Can my nose look like this picture?

Nose job surgery in New York city with facial plastic surgeon Dr. Michelle YagodaASK DR. YAGODA

Question: Can a rhinoplasty or nose job surgery make my nose look like the model’s nose in this magazine ad?

Answer: That depends on how many similarities you have with the model you have selected.  Each feature on your face indirectly impacts the other structures.  For example, if you desire a cosmetic procedure that will reduce a large bump on the nose, that may transform eyes that looked close together and make them appear more normally spaced.  In fact, the eyes haven’t changed position at all.  If you have similar facial structures, and your skin is similar, results may be imitated by a skilled plastic surgeon.  It is not possible to look exactly the same, but there may be a resemblance.

Can a rhinoplasty procedure remove a bump on my nose without changing my appearance?

remove bump from nose with nose job in NYCASK DR. YAGODA

Question: Can rhinoplasty or a nose job surgery remove a bump on my nose without drastically changing my appearance? I’m 28 and I don’t want people to notice.

Answer: Absolutely! As a facial plastic surgeon, finesse rhinoplasty is something I am typically asked to do.  Most people want a natural result—and a cosmetic surgery that minimizes a detracting detail without revamping the entire nose.

How long does rhinoplasty or nose job surgery take to complete?

how long does a nose job take in New York CityASK DOCTOR YAGODA

Question: How long does the surgery for a rhinoplasty or nose job take? I’m a 45-year-old male living in Long Island and I’d rather not take off of work if I do not need to.

Answer: Depending on the complexity of the rhinoplasty procedure or nose job, and whether there is a functional component to the plastic surgery, the operating time itself can range from just under an hour to close to three hours.  All patients go home the very same day. I usually recommend that patients take a week off from work to recover.  Some patients return to work after five days but this is more the exception, rather than the rule.  It takes about five days for the anesthesia to leave your system after the cosmetic surgery procedure.  During that time, you may be more tired than usual. Your body clock and sleep cycle may be off. Your appetite may be decreased, just when you need the increased calories for rapid recovery. To play it safe, I recommend at least one week off from work.

Hunger Games Star Gets a Nose Job?

What happened to Josh Hutcherson’s Nose?8

E! Online reports that Josh Hutcherson, from The Hunger Games, had surgery to fix his broken nose…. or rhinoplasty?

Guess we’ll have to wait and compare when the bandages get removed.

As a facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Yagoda can repair nose trauma and also offer beautiful and natural looking rhinoplasty (nose job) results.

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Can a nose job or rhinoplasty look subtle and natural?


Question: I’m 32, female, and I live in New York City. I’d like a rhinoplasty procedure but I’m somewhat of a celebrity on Broadway. Is it possible to get a nose job that looks natural but is also subtle?

6Answer: As a facial plastic surgeon I take care of a number of celebrities in theater, film and radio in New York City and around the world, and I am often asked to perform subtle finesse celebrity rhinoplasty. Many times this is in combination with functional nasal plastic surgery. High-definition film and television accentuate irregularities on celebrities that are otherwise blessed physically, and that nearly imperceptible in “real life”. Accordingly, the surgical changes must be natural, and perfect on high-definition view.  Recently, I performed a combined functional and cosmetic rhinoplasty on a television anchor person, and she was back “on-air” five days later.  Her co-workers never suspected that she had a rhinoplasty.  In fact, they guessed that she had a breast augmentation because of the new “push-up” bra she was wearing!!

Read more about the techniques for natural nose job/ rhinoplasty results.