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Nose Job Without “the Knife!”

Non Surgical RhinoplastyNose job: When you think of plastic surgery, this is probably the first thing that pops into your head, right? If you answered yes, it is for good reason. Nose jobs, also known as rhinoplasties, remain the most popular facial plastic surgery procedure for both men and women.

The nose is the focal point of the face which, unfortunately, does not guarantee you will like it. If you are one of the thousands of people who would like to change the look of your nose — but don’t want to “undergo the knife” — there is another option. Dr. Michelle Yagoda, expert NYC celebrity facial plastic surgeon — offers non-surgical rhinoplasties for her patients.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is done through fillers. It can change the shape of the nose in various ways, as well as correct prior rhinoplasty surgery that went awry or was not done perfectly (as it should be!). Nonsurgical rhinoplasty is likely the most immediate, precise, and economical way to get the results you want.

Instantaneous corrections include: lowering nostril rims; making nostrils more symmetric; slimming bumps on the bridge of the nose; and correcting a twisted nose. The best part is the cost: Instead of starting at $6,000 plus hospital costs, your new nose will likely be no more than $500 and will last around 10 months. Now you know why nonsurgical rhinoplasties are one of the MOST requested procedures of Dr. Yagoda!

Celebrity Update: Amanda Bynes’ Nose Job: BD or BDD?

Amanda Bynes has been tweeting about her nose job, stating that she had it to correct a “birth defect.”  As a facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Yagoda is an expert on cosmetic nasal surgery.  She can perform a cosmetic rhinoplasty (nose job) to straighten a crooked nose, remove a bump, raise or lower the bridge, narrow the nostrils, refine the nasal tip, lift a droop, fix a cleft, and create symmetry.  While rhinoplasty can provide many changes, it does not do what Amanda suggested — remove webbing from the eyes!As an otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat expert), Dr. Yagoda can also make functional corrections to the nose.  She can straighten a deviated septum and reduce turbinates to improve airflow, correct sinus disease and relieve sleep apnea to enhance restful sleep. Even a combined functional and cosmetic nasal surgery would not affect your eyes. You would need eye surgery for that.

So, is Amanda Bynes’ rhinoplasty (that really doesn’t correct webbing) for a birth defect or “BD”?  Or, is it likely because of “BDD” body dysmorphic disorder? Given her reckless behavior, we think that body dysmorphic disorder is a real possibility.  BDD is a form of mental illness, when someone obsesses about perceived flaws in appearance that are either non-existent or too small for other people to notice.  BD or BDD?  What do you think?

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The Latest Trend in Plastic Surgery: Kate Middleton’s Nose

As you can see on countless magazine covers, Kate Middleton is a well-known trendsetter in the fashion and beauty world. Everything she wears seems to sell out immediately-a phenomenon called the “Kate Effect.” But to what extent will people go to emulate the Duchess of Cambridge? According to data from one of England’s top cosmetic surgery centers, an increasing number of women are getting surgery to replicate Kate’s nose, becoming the most popular celebrity look-alike feature. Requests for her nose have tripled in the past two years. One can only guess what trend she will inspire next!

Is there a celebrity’s nose you’ve always admired? If you’re thinking rhinoplasty might be right for you, call our office to schedule your comprehensive consultation with Dr. Yagoda in her New York City office.

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The Jewish Nose is In!

After decades of being the source of jokes, the Jewish nose has6 suddenly become desirable!

Surprisingly, rhinoplasty or nose job surgery among Jewish teenage girls is in decline. Stars like Barbara Streisand and “Glee” star Lea Michele may be responsible for changing the way Jewish teens view their profiles.

This is not the case with rhinoplasty in other ethnic groups.  There has been a rise in Asian, African-American and Hispanic rhinoplasties.

If you are considering this plastic surgery procedure, trust your face (and nose) to a facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Yagoda.

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Can a rhinoplasty reshape my nose only slightly?

Asian eyelid lifts in New York CityASK DOCTOR YAGODA

Question: I’m Asian and my nose is spread wide on my face and it is short. Can a rhinoplasty reshape my nose slightly without making me look American?

Answer: I am strongly committed to preserving and enhancing one’s identity, while maintaining ethnicity.  Nostrils can be made smaller with an alar base reduction and the nose can be subtly made more prominent with an implant.

How drastically will a rhinoplasty or nose job surgery change my look?

ethnic looks changing in new york city nose jobASK DR. YAGODA

Question: How drastically will a rhinoplasty procedure change my look? I’m a 38-year-old man and I just got promoted to Vice President. I don’t want people to notice but I’d like to finally make a change.

Answer: I suggest subtle refinements for anyone older than 28 who is contemplating rhinoplasty!  It’s hard to imagine how attached you really are to your nose until you see the first signs of change after you have plastic surgery.  For that reason, I will address options that address your concerns, minimize distracting features, enhance positive ones and maintain your ethnicity when you visit my New York City office.

I have a history of bad scars, am I still a candidate for rhinoplasty?

Dr Yagoda in New York City provides nose job surgeriesASK DR. YAGODA

Question: I’m a 35-year-old Black female with a history of bad scars. Will I still be a candidate for rhinoplasty or nose job surgery?

Answer: Yes. The good news is that the face usually heals better than any other location! In addition, many cosmetic rhinoplasty procedures can be performed by a plastic surgeon with no external scar at all.  Lastly, many new techniques can be used to reduce the likelihood of scar formation after surgery.  Bottom line?  You should be fine!

For more information about a rhinoplasty, nose job, scarless rhinoplasty procedures for natural results, or open vs closed rhinoplasty procedures, contact Dr. Yagoda at her New York City office at 212-434-1210.

Can my nose look like this picture?

Nose job surgery in New York city with facial plastic surgeon Dr. Michelle YagodaASK DR. YAGODA

Question: Can a rhinoplasty or nose job surgery make my nose look like the model’s nose in this magazine ad?

Answer: That depends on how many similarities you have with the model you have selected.  Each feature on your face indirectly impacts the other structures.  For example, if you desire a cosmetic procedure that will reduce a large bump on the nose, that may transform eyes that looked close together and make them appear more normally spaced.  In fact, the eyes haven’t changed position at all.  If you have similar facial structures, and your skin is similar, results may be imitated by a skilled plastic surgeon.  It is not possible to look exactly the same, but there may be a resemblance.

Can a rhinoplasty procedure remove a bump on my nose without changing my appearance?

remove bump from nose with nose job in NYCASK DR. YAGODA

Question: Can rhinoplasty or a nose job surgery remove a bump on my nose without drastically changing my appearance? I’m 28 and I don’t want people to notice.

Answer: Absolutely! As a facial plastic surgeon, finesse rhinoplasty is something I am typically asked to do.  Most people want a natural result—and a cosmetic surgery that minimizes a detracting detail without revamping the entire nose.

Can a rhinoplasty procedure lift the tip of my nose?

nose jobs in New York CityASK DOCTOR YAGODA

Question: The tip of my nose slants downwards. I’m a 55-year-old male, can a rhinoplasty or nose job surgery lift it or will it just keep growing down regardless?

Answer: Without photos or an examination, it is impossible to determine the cause of the tip droop.  Sometimes it can be the result of a high septum and a dorsal bump. Other times, it can be the result of overactive muscles found between the upper lip and nose.  Once the proper diagnosis is made, plastic surgery can definitively correct the problem.